White Shoot-N-C Targets

For years I’ve generally used traditional round black bull’s-eye targets, such as the original Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C, for iron-sight shooting. In most cases, the 6 o’clock hold works fine if you don’t mind the bullets at the bottom of the target (assuming you want the shots to impact right over the front sight). My first impression was the white bull’s-eye showing hits as black circles would do as advertised, which is offer maximum visibility of the hits. To my surprise, the white target pasted on the cardboard made it far easier for me to aim at the center of the bull’s-eye while sighting in my P1776 British Infantry Rifle (built from a Rifle Shoppe kit). This rifle has a sight picture similar to a Patridge-sighted handgun.

At 50 yards distance, there possibly wouldn’t have been much trouble spotting the big Buffalo Bullet .62 roundballs’ smack on any target. I was nonetheless pleased to see the big clean holes as they appeared. Large roundballs often create very jagged conjoined holes in paper when close together, but in the Birchwood Casey targets they appear as separate round holes.

Target repair pasters are included on each sheet to help conserve targets as you sight in. Although it was a calm morning at the Pyramid Shooting Facility, by the time I moved the target to 50 yards the wind was beginning to blow pretty harshly. Rather than wrestle a paper backer in the wind, I pasted the target directly to the cardboard of the range’s target frame, figuring I’d shoot a picture at the range. I outsmarted myself handily by forgetting the camera. With nothing to lose, I tried removing the target. To my surprise and delight, it peeled easily off the cardboard backer and I carefully placed it back on its wax paper backing for transport home.

I’ll be going out again and try Goex FFFg before doing the final adjustments of the sights for a 100-yard zero. You can bet the white Shoot-N-C targets will be along for the ride.
By Jeff John

Birchwood Casey
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