I don’t recall ever seeing an article on cast bullets that references automobile wheelweights as a cheap source of alloy for casting. I know the composition is not “pure” since the weights have various compositions. However, I have used wheelweights for over 50 years and they shoot just fine. I have a Lee Hardness Tester for measuring the hardness.
With the expense and scarcity of “pure” metals, this is a fine alternative to expensive cast bullets since the weights can be scrounged for free—usually. This resource should not be overlooked.
Charles LaPiene
Granby, Ma.

Mea Culpa
I was reading Payton Miller’s recent report on new and interesting products at the SHOT Show in the June issue. One of the products mentioned was the new SIG striker-fired pistol, but it was listed as the P250. The new striker-fired pistol is the SIG P320; the P250 has been out for some time and is a bobbed hammer DAO pistol.

As always we are big fans of your publications, and they are some of the few we have around in our office!
Joe Diaz

Southeast Iowa Firearms Training

My apologies. At the time I was suffering from an acute case of “model designation overload.” The SIG P320 represents the company’s first striker-fired DAO. And no, I can’t blame Las Vegas for the lapse. I was in bed by 8:00 the night before…room service chicken soup and an old Western on TV. Would that it were otherwise! —PM
2nd On Competition.

I would like to second the suggestion by reader Meyer Weiner in the June issue. I would be very interested in the firearms utilized in myriad international shooting competitions, be they rimfire, centerfire, pistol, long gun, rifle, or shotgun. I would be especially interested in the specialized target shotguns utilized in international trap, skeet, bunker trap, helice, and sporting clays. I believe it would provide for very interesting and educational reading. While GUNS does a fine job, shotguns often come in a weak third to pistols/rifles.
K. N. Koch
via e-mail

GUNS is pleased to announce Shari LeGate will start a column in the November issue dedicated to the guns and gear used in the wide field of shooting games. A champion skeet shooter, Shari was a member of the US National Team for 12 years, winning numerous titles and medals. —Jeff John
THREE Favorites

I purchased my first GUNS Magazine in, I believe, 1954 and have been a regular reader since. I want to commend several of your current writers and let you know these are the reasons I continue to subscribe.

I was very pleased when John Barsness joined your writing staff. His insightful, understandable writing on the technical side of firearms and handloading helps me enjoy the activity even more.

I very much enjoy Mike Venturino’s articles and columns as well. I especially enjoy his interests in 20th century military firearms (a passion I also share).
Finally, I want to acknowledge an ever-appreciating enjoyment of John Sheehan’s articles. He combines a detailed interest in firearms with the historical aspects of their development and application.

While I do enjoy reading all your writers, I want to commend these three in particular. You continue with the excellent writing and I’ll continue to subscribe—thanks.
Denis Symes
Vienna, Va.

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