What Keeps It Running?

AR-15 Prep For Sport And War.
For the purposes of this, there are at the least two essential “ways” AR-15 owners run their guns. There are competitive shooters or sport shooters, or anyone who uncases an AR-15 for a day at the range. Then there are the professionals or others who own and operate an AR-15 as a tactical or defensive weapon. This bunch needs a rifle or carbine kept at the ready, and ready to deliver reliable service at any old time. The way the firearm is maintained can and should reflect on these demands.

The competition shooter tends to run a rifle hard. A lot of rounds, a lot of heat, a lot of friction. The other group relies on their AR-15s to deliver flawless function, on demand. There are no alibi strings on a 2-way rifle range. All are after essentially the same thing: maximum performance, maximum reliability, and I throw maximum longevity in there, too. Impact, friction and heat cause parts wear. Wear and stress lead to malfunctioning parts and components.

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