What A Rimfire!

GSG/ATI’s Sturmgewehr 44 .22 Long Rifle.

In the spring of 1943, 2,000 Maschinenkarabiner 42s were delivered to Germany’s beleaguered troops of Army Group North on the Russian Front. The impact of the sudden appearance on the front line of a 30-round, selective-fire rifle, later to be named the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44), had to have been a startling event to the Russians. To the German troops, their MKb42s were judged so superior to their bolt-action Mausers and MP 40s that Hitler, who had specifically terminated (or thought he had!) the development of the rifle, was forced to embrace it and order its mass production.

By the end of WWII, Germany had fielded the most advanced small arms the world had ever seen. Given the complex and often strained relationship between the professional military and the Fuhrer, the competing priorities of the various services and the destruction of the Third Reich’s production and supply systems, it’s astonishing that any of the important advancements in small arms ever saw the light of day. The leading models that come to mind are the MG42 machinegun, the Fallschirmjaegergewehr 42 (Parachutist rifle) and the Sturmgewehr 42/43/44 series.

We may not have the opportunity to own any of them, but their history is interesting, and through the efforts of German Sport Guns (GSG) and American Tactical Imports, we now have a rimfire version of the StG44 that, from all outside appearances, dimensions and weight, is as close to the real item as you’ll find. The story of the original StG44 begins with a cartridge.
By Holt Bodinson

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2 thoughts on “What A Rimfire!

  1. David Bath

    Question – I live in Westminster, Maryland and I am interested in buying a GSG-STG44/.22, is there a gun shop in the area that sells the weapon or do I need to go directly to American Tactical Imports, Inc, purchase it and then have it shipped to a local gun shop?


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