Wesson No. 1 Long Range Rifle

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I recently completed this Wesson No. 1 rifle project after many years. In fact, I took delivery of the Steve Earle-made action when I started at GUNS in 2004. It was an expensive project and I had to rebuild my treasure chest between steps.


The rifle takes more style cues from the English Alex Henry than the Wesson No. 1
(Alex Henry successfully sued Frank Wesson to stop him from making them on Henry’s
patents). The rifle is fitted with a 34-inch Krieger barrel chambered in .45-90
Sharps using the 2.4-inch case.


The falling block action has a deep trough able to handle the longest of
cartridges used in the 19th century for target shooting or hunting.


Mike Gouse of Montana engraved the Wesson. Notice Jeff’s cat somehow pushed
his way into the center of the receiver.


Here’s the action as it came from Steve Earle. John King and Jeff collaborated
in remodeling the action to give it a racier look.

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