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Minature Macho

FNH USA’s 5.7×28 Varmint Blasters

By Roy Huntington

macho 1

The ProChrono showed the PS90 to deliver about 2,100 fps
or so with the new Sporting 5.7×28 load.

macho 2

On the Five-seveN, the safety is in an unusual place for American Shooters,
but can still be reached by the trigger finger.

macho 3

The slide is steel, covered by polymer and the barrel does not use a
swinging link but remains horizontal during firing.

Macho 4

Molded-in checkering works fine, but Roy would like to see an optional
slimmer rear grip profile offered using inserts.

macho 5

Note the hammer at the rear. Even though from the outside the
Five-seveN looks like a striker-fired gun, it actually does have a hammer.

Simple but rugged construction is obvious in the slide’s make-up.

macho 7

The firing pin safety means the gun can’t fire unless there is a deliberate pull of the trigger.

Macho 9

The optical sight on the PS90 is one power and has a
unique “circle-crosshair” reticle. It’s fast and clear.

macho 10

There are ambidextrous cocking handles on the forend of the PS90.

macho 11

The unique rounded fore-grip offers a hand-hold and a balance
point when carrying the rifle in two hands.

Macho 12

Looking down, into the chamber area on the PS90. The magazine locks home here and each round “rotates” into position from the magazine. Keep in mind the last three rounds in the gun (two in the magazine and one in the chamber) are not visible.

Macho 13

Sliding the butt-plate up reveals the entire trigger/hammer assembly.
It’s easily removed for cleaning with a press of one lever

macho 14

The 5.7×28 falls somewhere between the .22 Magnum (left) and the .223 (right).
Roy feels it favors a bit toward the .223 in performance.

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