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MARCH 2009


Holt Bodinson


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Remove the magazine. Check the chamber to verify the rifle is unloaded. Cock the action and pull the trigger. At the right rear of the receiver cover, pull out the retaining pin to the right until it clicks. Push forward on the rear of the cover and lift it together with the attached striker mainspring and recoil spring up and back to remove (1). Pull the bolt carrier fully to the rear of the receiver and tilt the entire assembly up from the front and remove (2). Pull the striker out from the rear of the bolt assembly (3). Remove the bolt and locking unit as one piece (4). On the right side of the rear sight block, pull the upper handguard retaining pin fully to the right and remove the handguard up and rearward (5). Pull the piston back until the piston head clears the gas cylinder. Remove it to the front. Leave the piston spring in place (6). The Sa vz.58 fieldstripped (7).

Reassemble in reverse order. Helpful Hints: When reinstalling the bolt carrier assembly at the rear of the receiver, point the rifle muzzle toward the ground as you slightly jiggle the carrier into the receiving relief cuts in the receiver rails. Push the bolt carrier fully forward, pull the trigger and push the end of the striker rod forward flush with the rear of the bolt carrier. If you don’t seat the striker flush, you will not be able to reseat the rear cover. When reinstalling the rear cover, the large recoil spring fits into the big hole in the bolt carrier and the smaller mainspring fits inside the hole in the hollow striker, not into one of the two smaller holes in the bolt carrier.

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2 thoughts on “Web Blast: Surplus Locker

  1. huntattic

    I have one of these Enfield 410 Muskets and just ordered some ammo for it from Midway. My question is, have you ever reloaded the empties with bird shot, so it can be used for small game hunting? If so what steps have to be taken to do so. Also once the ball ammo is fired does the case need to be trimmed and fire formed before reloading?

    Thank for share!


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