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Letters From The July Issue

Martin J. Pielach raised an interesting point when he wrote the original letter below appearing in June’s Crossfire. He remembers all too well how we lost the right to own “assault” rifles when the word “assault” was demonized by the forces of gun control. He admonishes GUNS Magazine to stop running pictures of youths hunting with AR-15s as Jacob Gottfredson used to illustrated his story on the 6.8mm DPMS AR.

I feel times have changed to the point where self-loading rifles with synthetic stocks are now so popular and well recognized that anti-gunners will have a hard time ginning up support for new bans with the general public, especially when the Feinstein Assault Gun Ban proved a failure as a crime-reduction tool. Add to that the fact Britain has now banned guns and is experiencing a gun violence crime wave and crime goes down when concealed weapons are allowed and we have sound evidence to argue our point.

I also believe GUNS Magazine advances the point further by showing ARs being used for hunting and target shooting. Because of its low recoil, adjustable length stock and highly refined ammunition, the AR is the perfect rifle for young shooters to learn on.

Make no mistake, we can’t rest on the victories we have won in regards to concealed carry laws and the sunset of the original Assault Gun Ban. The enemies of the 2nd Amendment are legion and they are artful and crafty. The Democratic Party may have learned its lesson when they lost several elections due to activism by pro 2nd Amendment folks, but many of their local and national candidates are committed to gun bans. We have to be ever vigilant.

Below is Mr., Peilach’s original letter, followed by a few in support of his position and many more supporting my decision to continue running stories about the AR-15 and others of its nature.


That picture of the youngster hunting with the DPMS AR-15 (April 2008) was in such bad taste it boggles my mind anyone in the “business” would publish it. Who the heck goes hunting armed with that type of firearm? The general public doesn’t need to see photos of that type.

With the recent spate of school and mall shootings, that’s all the gun grabbers have to see. Can you imagine what we’re in for this time next year with regards to the gun control measures that will be proposed after this presidential election?

Martin J. Pielech
via e-mail

I agree with Mr. Pielech about hunting with an AR-15 or anything like it, but I’ll go even further. In the first place, I can’t imagine why anyone would even want something that ugly, much less hunt with it when there are real hunting guns available. With a Democrat controlled Congress and the distinct possibility of a Democrat in the White House, something like this only adds more fuel to their aim of getting all of our guns. I’m 100 percent in favor of gun rights, but let’s not be any more stupid than necessary.

Mr. Vern Henderson
Santa Rosa, CA

Being in total agreement with John Connor’s “Huh?” column, I must also agree with Mr. Pielech that it is unwise for the shooting press to print such pictures. Not because the practice was wrong. And also not because it will create any sort of “aha!” moment for the anti-gun crowd. The reason is because it or similar pictures will or could well be used totally out of context, without your reasoned explanation.

The game is not fair. No one in the press is obligated to tell the whole truth or even the truth. “They” will use anything they can get, particularly from the popular gun press, if it looks bad to them and which they can make look bad to others. We’re still reeling under the effects of the complete overuse of an otherwise useful term “tactical.” Jeez, I half expect to find tactical chewing gum at my local gun store. But the bottom line is “tactical” stuff, not including tactical fingernail clippers, is useful for a reason — it is durable, functional, simple, etc. But it looks foreign and sinister to the average person. Therefore it is bad if you listen to the anti-gunners.

So, use your tactical stuff when it makes sense. To each his own. It’s just not necessary or wise to advertise or glorify it in the press, particularly when it comes from an “in your face” or “ I can do this if I want to” mindset. We know the anti’s will use or abuse every piece of evidence that can be misconstrued as evil to the masses. We can do our thing without giving them “evidence” on a platter.

via e-mail

Not Madness

A weapon, regardless of the shape that it is in, is nothing more than a device that propels a bullet down its length toward a chosen target. I think the article showed a young hunter, who has done what every other successful deer hunter has done, that being the taking of a nice deer. I thought the article did a great job of showing how versatile an AR can be. I would much rather see a boy with an AR and a deer, than an AR being removed from the scene of a violent crime. It is about time that an AR got some good press. And no I do not own an AR, but plan to as soon as they make them available in .308, a great deer caliber.

David Morse
David, check out www.dpmsinc.com for AR-type rifles in .308. — Editor

I opened my magazine and the first thing I read was “Madness?” in the letters column. Martin, whatever were you thinking when you negatively commented on a youngster hunting with a DPMS AR-15?

The anti’s are going to push anti gun legislation. That’s what they do, it’s in their nature. A picture of a youngster hunting with an AR-15 isn’t going to change their perceptions one iota.

If anything is in bad taste is it is the suggestion that there is something wrong with using an AR-15 to hunt with.

via e-mail

I was surprised to see the effects of brainwashing by anti-gun banners and the media in GUNS Magazine. It came in the form of “Prejudiced Thinking” as it raised its head in Martin J. Pielech’s email to “Crossfire, in his statement, “with that type of firearm,” concerning the taking of a deer by a youth with a DPMS AR-15 (April 2008).

I wonder if he would have been as outraged if it had been with a Garand .30-06, or a British Enfield, or a .30 Carbine. Those rifles were used to kill during a lot of combat during wars.

The media has now started to mis-label semi-automatic rifle and handguns as automatic weapons trying to mis-lead everyone concerning guns.

The gun is not evil, it is the individual using it and the circumstances of it’s use.
We must now watch out for the media trying to induce a “mob mentality” concerning firearms. Gun-banners and the media are trying to brainwash the population that your Second Amendment Rights have no usefullness in today’s world.

Ron Rice
Claremore, OK

I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I read the letter by Martin Pielech in the June issue. The anti-gunners don’t need any excuses to ban any guns. They’re afraid of guns, don’t like guns, think guns are bad, wicked and evil. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re pretty, ugly, self-loaders, bolt actions, pumps, levers, revolvers, pistols or single shots. Trying to make the anti-gunners happy by not offending their delicate sensibilities, is like trying to keep a bear from chewing off your leg by offering him a candy bar. They only want one thing, and that’s to ban all guns from private ownership and possession (well except for criminals).

I’ve been a shooter for 54 years, and don’t worry about offending people like Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer or any of the rest of the gun-grabbing politicians. They’re going to try to do what they’re going to try to do no matter what we do. Bending over and grabbing our ankles for them is the surest way to lose our God-given rights
Larry Elliott
Billings, Montana

I am so sick and tired of reading this magazine and hearing, “Oh my gosh, he pointed the gun at the camera, they should be fired,” or “how could he use a military rifle to hunt with.” I hunt with military rifles all the time because they’re what I collect and they have served me well. I hunt within my state’s laws and I’m trained to be safe, so I have never had an issue with game and fish or another shooter. As a matter of fact I get compliments all the time from the wardens on my rifles and the game I take with them.

We live in a country were everyone is crying about everything and if you say or do something wrong they’re offended or want to sue you. Many of my friends and shooters tell me that they feel as I do and they’re sick of it as well. I’m very sure GUNS Magazine practices safe handling and respect for any and all firearms with regards to photos. If you are a person who feels offended by a photo, then sell your guns and stop reading firearm magazines and go live in a convent.

Norman Gray
Mesa, Arizona

“I don’t like your gun, so it’s OK with me if it’s made illegal by Congress.” “You can’t hunt deer or ducks with an army gun, I think it says so in the Bible or someplace.” “You don’t need that much ammunition, I get my deer every year with just two shells.”
The elitist attitude of “mine is OK, yours isn’t” hasn’t gone away. If anything, it has spread through more layers of our (gun) society. From the years ago rich-white-guy, NRA-founder attitude of “I have friends in high places, they won’t ban my Parker, Purdy, Holland & Holland so the rest of you can go suck eggs,” to the attitude expressed by a recent letter writer, “Who the heck goes hunting armed with that type of firearm?” too many gun-owners do not realize that we — gun owners — have all been put in the same boat by the media and the Schumers/Feinsteins of our time. It’s about time we all started paddling in the same direction.

Quit denying the other persons’ choice of firearms, whether it’s a hunting gun or a carry sidearm. If the Boddingtons of our (gun) society have the wherewithal to go hunt dangerous game at great expense, let ’em. If your least favorite gun writer thinks the .45 ACP, “ol’ slab-sides” etc. is the greatest invention since round wheels and sliced bread, let him carry three pounds on his hip.

If you feel it’s OK to ban something that looks like an “assault rifle” or that nobody needs to carry a handgun on their person, pay attention! By the language used to ban “assault rifles”, the government will take away millions of Marlin .22’s and Ruger 10/22’s, your expensive Italian 12-gauge and anything else that goes bang again without you moving some sort of mechanism other than the trigger. Don’t fall into that old trap: “It ain’t a hunting rifle if it don’t have a bolt handle.” A handgun in my pocket? Heavens, what for? Since the courts have decided the police are not obligated to protect you, that their job is to enforce the law, there’s not much solace there for the store clerks’ family.

To take the NRA to task, yes, they have a very large membership but they spend too much of their money trying to pry even more money out of their members. They are still waiting for “the right case” to take to the Supreme Court. They’ll wait us right into more concessions, i.e. gun control. Appeasement, ala Britain’s Chamberlain, ex-pres. Carter, and the NRA might make you feel good about yourself because you reached agreement (compromise) with the enemy. The enemy lies; that’s why they are called the enemy. Join the NRA, build up the membership, but try to convince them not to send 3 solicitations for money every week.

A gun is a gun, is a gun, is a gun. Gun haters don’t care what color it is, how big the hole in the barrel is, how much it’s worth, or how historically/emotionally important it is. It’s a gun! Bad dog! And they can’t control an armed populace.

Please support the organization of your choice financially, either by donations or simply doing business with companies that actively support NSSF, GOA, or other rights-and-privileges groups. Keep track of your local elections and appointments-to-office. Check the voting records of candidates. Be aware of local jurisdictions violating Federal laws regarding ownership and personal carry.

And to the editors of the magazine; do not back down. We cherish the right to read about all guns, if we choose to.

John Walker
Gladstone, OR

P.S. Yes, I am an NRA member, too.

AR’s and that whole group of firearms are fun to shoot but personally, I prefer the look, feel and handling characteristics of more traditional firearms, so I would never own one. That aside, what is needed is to publicize to the general public that these firearms are legitimate hunting and sporting firearms. If anything, you should devote more space to the sporting use of this class of firearms instead of censorship. The gun grabbers seek to outlaw all guns by chipping away one classification at a time until there is nothing left.

Martin J. Pielech would seem to be on the same side as the gun grabbers. I can’t believe someone with his attitude would even open a gun magazine. Keep up the good quality magazine and no censorship of content.

Randy Coffield
via e-mail

This is in response to Mr. Pielech’s comments regarding the DMPS AR-15 used in a hunting photo. All I can say is divide and conquer. Mr. Pielech must believe that some guns are good and some are evil. I can assure you that to the anti gunners every gun is evil and they will come after your scoped deer rifle as a deadly sniper rifle as soon as they are done grabbing my “assault” rifle. By the way, last year my son Thomas, who is 16-years old, took his first deer with my DPMS LR-308.

Mark Wiesner
Oregon City, OR

Martin oh Martin! There is a thing called the Second Amendment that mentions nothing about hunting. Don’t be so naive as to think the gun grabbers wouldn’t like to get their hands on your Remington BDL as soon as they make off with my AR-15s and AR-10s which, by the way, I have taken deer with. We hunters and non-hunting black rifle lovers will either stand together on this issue or we will surely go down separately.

Mike Ferrara
Black rifle owner, hunter, freedom lover

Put me down as ridgidly opposed to any capitulation to the gun grabbers. As a matter of fact my black rifle is exactly what the 2nd Ammendment is about along with everything else in my safe.

via e-mail

I am always frustrated when I read of a fellow gun owner sabotaging another owner’s choice or weapon or style of hunting. You, Mr Pielech, are doing more to hurt our sport than seeing a child shooting an AR-15. I say the more people (including fellow gun owners it seems) who see the black rifles being used legitimately, the better off we all will be in the long run. Have you ever shot an AR, Mr Pielech? It is very accurate and a perfect rifle for a child starting out with it’s adjustable stock, wrist friendly pistol grip and low recoil rounds. As the child gets older you can swap out that upper for a larger caliber and extend the stock for his or her growth. That stock is also ideal for shortening when a thick coat is donned during hunting season.

We are our worst enemies. If we hunters and gun owners all joined the NRA, GOA, JPFO, SAF, etc. (and if you don’t know what these are then shame on you) and if we all voted pro gun, the anti-gun issue might just go away. You would certainly at least be aware that the black rifle is just a rifle like any other and does not convert it’s owner to a life of evil. Just by reading the gun/hunting magazines we all get, we would know this.

When I read letters such as yours, Mr Pielech, I realize that you are just another uninformed gun owner not doing his part for our sport and in your case hurting our sport. Too many gun owners are letting a few of us protect them. “They will never take my Remington 1100 away.” Well that is exactly what they want to do. Can you say HR 1022? When will you learn that anti gunners want all the guns. They just start by picking away a few at a time while the majority of gun owners sit back and let it happen. “Divide and Conquer” is never more true than the attack on us by anti gunners with an agenda they will never give up on.

Dr. Timothy May, MD

I am afraid Mr.Pielech has been brain washed by the liberal media. Just because my AR does not have polished wood stocks and has some black plastic does not make it any different than his 30-30!

I live just outside Washington DC, and he needs to realize his bolt action, scoped rife is now a “Sniper Rifle” and his 12 gauge is “an untraceable multi-projectile firing mass weapon”.

All gun owners need to stand together, the PC crowd would like nothing better than to know that we will turn on each other.

Mr. Pielech once they ban my plastic AR your “ole Betsy” is next! Wake up!

Lucas Beasley
Middleburg VA

In regart to Martin Pielech’s letter in the June 08 issue, I must completely disagree with his PC BS. Guys like him are the reason we had to give up so much in the past. I hunt with a AR-15, I hunt coyotes with one. Many ARs come in calibers suitable for deer. But that is besides the point. The 2nd Amendment is not now, nor has it ever been about hunting. I honestly do not know why that is so hard for some folks to understand. Some gun owners are our worst enemy, it seems.

Tim Perkins
Greensburg, KY

I missed “Madness” the first time. I just saw a happy kid with a deer and a gun. I did spot that it was an AR on the second search.

A friend of mine was a Civil War Reenactor at a park close to Plain City, Ohio, when a TV news type showed up to do a story about the group. The news person was horrified to discover their 1860-era muskets actually worked. He held a musket “on camera” just fine, but almost dropped it afterward because it appeared to be so repulsive to him.

By the logic of “Do not offend the Gun Hate Crowd” the UGT Airsoft M14 article should be suppressed out of fear you might upset someone. Take this idea to it’s logical conclusion and you will offend me with a magazine with no pictures, articles or ads with armed women wearing less than 75 pounds of cloth.

Steven McIntosh
Plain City, Ohio

I’m confident that you will hear from many subscribers regarding Mr. Pielech’s email bewailing the publishing of a youngster hunting with an AR-15. It reminds me of the Clinton (Bill, not Hillary) era when an attempt to ban guns existed merely relying on what they “looked” like. An AR-type rifle is an excellent hunting rifle. It’s modular…….items can be added quickly to suit the type of hunting for that day. They are simple……..straight-forward, easy to clean, light, with minimal recoil. If we feel we must be ashamed and hide in the shadows merely because a perfectly fun and functional rifle looks “bad” then we have given a concession that will surely lead to just one more, then just one more.

Like “Uncle Ted” Nugent says…….we give the gun-ban group “NOTHING”!
Ron Kellogg

In response to the letter by Martin J. Pielech in the in the June 2008 issue of Guns Magazine.

When I first read his letter, I wanted to scream “What?”. Then I realized that the vast majority of gun owners are polite, quiet, and unoffending people. We love our Country and respect the wants and wishes of the others in it.

Now there is a movement in this country to take our guns away from us and they are using this feeling against us. If they say “That offends me!”, our first reaction is to step back and say “excuse me“. We don’t want to offend anyone.

It is time to realize that they don’t care to offend us and they don’t care at all how we feel. If you are in battle and when the enemy attacks, you retreat, YOU WILL LOOSE. It is time to stop retreating and kneeling to keep from offending them. We are at war, not a shooting and killing war, but a war of debate and ballot. Stand up and let your feelings be known when some antigun statement is made and you don’t agree.

I read in so many places where the gun owners are saying that they will never take all the guns away. That is correct, they will never take all the guns away. They will take the LOVE of guns away one gun type and a time and in a couple of generations, our grandchildren or great grandchildren will turn them in just to get rid of them.

Thank You,
L.A. Snyder

That’s exactly what the gun control advocates want. The attitude that says, “my guns are ok, but yours are questionable.” Remember the last election when candidates pretended to be hunters and in favor of shotgun use but against other types of arms. It is important that we realize that even if it is not “our” choice, the other guy has a right to keep and bear his arms, whether it’s a 50 BMG that he is willing to subsidize to the tune of 5 dollars a round or a turkey gun or deer rifle or even an automatic weapon if he is willing to pay the fees and the expense he has the right. Let’s “hang together or we shall certainly hang separately”

Roland Williams
Newport, Ohio

Wholesome all American kid with a AR15; a little too well off perhaps, but very clean and respectful.

I think that was my first impression. It never crossed my mind that any thing was wrong, but I don’t read GUNS with anti gunners in the back of my head. I don’t think like or for them! And what gun owner is such a defeatist that they have already handed the election to the enemy? One question though, is the AR15 a legal deer gun in all 50 states?

John R. Blair Jr. (Cpl. USMC 77-81) NRA Life since USMC rifle team 1979

Taste is in the eye of the beholder. In another magazine I read the story of a hunter who happened upon two bucks locked in combat. He shot and killed one with his bow. As I read the article and as I sit here writing this, that is something I would not do if I came upon that particular scene. Is he right? Am I right? If you can humanely kill an animal with a .223 what is the difference? Does the animal know that it was shot with an AR-15 as opposed to a bolt action .223?

Obama and Clinton both are minions of the anti-gun crowd and it makes no difference to them what you shoot. You are a poor, deluded, bitter, unemployed drop-out who just can’t adjust to the new world order and thus cling to your guns and your religion and your bowling league and as soon as they are elected they will drag you kicking and screaming into alignment with the new world order without your guns — any guns, cosmetic or not and without your religion and you will have to give up bowling and get a jogging suit as we are all going to lead an athletic, meat and salt-free, drug-hazed life. No more beer either, it’s California chardonnay only.

C. E. Voigtsberger
Ventura CA

Both of my sons began their deer hunting with a Chinese AK variant because of the short length of pull and low recoil. When Tennessee allowed the .223 for deer, my Bushmaster M4 became my “young hunter gun.” The adjustable stock and low recoil along with the huge selection of bullet types and weights make the AR-15 a viable choice. I’ve taken three with it myself and performance has been as good as the .243 with complete penetration with 69- and 75-grain bullets in my handloads. Let’s inform the uninformed these guns have as much sporting use as our Winchester Mod. 70s and Browning A Bolts.

Jamie Spaulding
Armed Response Training Academy
Troy, TN

I think Martin J. Pielech may be a closet anti-gunner. That or I’ve clearly overlooked the part of the 2nd Amendment that describes which firearms I have a right to bear and in what manner they should be used. Over looking the fact that the AR is a great hunting rifle because of its low recoil and nearly infinite configurations that allow for a great fit to all shooters is Martin not aware of the slippery slope proponents of the right to bear arms place themselves on when we allow anti-gun liberals to dictate which firearms can be used and for what purpose. Teaching the youth of this great nation how to legally and respectfully enjoy the freedoms those in our armed services have fought (and contine to fight) and laid down their lives for is what will help keep our rights intact and our nation the greatest on Earth. God bless the USA and all of those that fight to keep her citizens free and safe.

Gary Morrison

I am a big AR guy and I hunt with my ARs all the time. I am a former police officer so I can see the way it looks to some of the more conservative, but you can’t take that away from us because of the looks. The AR is a great hunting rifle and I feel very comfortable carrying it in the field. As far as Martin Pielech’s comments come on give us all a break it’s hunting why try and stir something up.

Todd Ray
Berthoud, Colorado

Martin J Pielech, you are a “gun grabber”. The only adult people that see differences in firearms by color, style, capacity or caliber are “grabbers.” You do not have the right to tell anyone, of any age, what types of guns should be used for shooting or hunting. Kids are the future of our sport. Their love of guns as youngsters combined with their money as adults will ensure our sports future by legally fighting “grabbers” like you. Kids will probably not fall in love with our sport if people like you have them shooting air rifles until they are 16- to 18-years old!

I have made it a personal mission in life to give the experience of shooting guns safely to every youngster that I can … which includes AR’s and will include a .50 BMG when I can afford one!

Martin, maybe you should sell your guns, if you have any and purchase knitting supplies or golf clubs!

Curt Ware
Chandler AZ

I think Mr. Pielech is wrong in regards to not publishing pictures of AR style rifles being used in hunting situations. I think the more the better. Young and old, men and women, hunting or plinking, the more that we can show the various legal and fun uses for them, and other guns, in our lives, the less fear they will generate.

Robert Wright
via e-mail

After firing an M16 and then handguns for qualification over 28 years in the Army Reserve, two of my first purchases when I finally started collecting and shooting for fun, were a Springfield .45 and a Bushmaster AR-15. At over 50-years old and not the biggest guy on the block, getting my a** kicked with .30-06 recoil was no longer fun for me, and the light recoil but accurate and relatively inexpensive .223 is.

Thinking that gun haters only hate EBRs is like thinking the PETA people only hate deerhunters but not duck hunters. Martin P., wise up; people like Bloomberg and the ilk will not be satisfied with taking away your 10-22 but want to deny your bolt actions, lever actions, pump actions, etc. There are admittedly some of us that could get by with nothing but single shot .22s or shotguns, but give the gun haters an inch, and they will seek to take the proverbial mile.

Art James
(and I still can not see what was so dangerous about a bayonet lug!)

No censorship, period! I’ve heard it all before. The high power bolt gun guys blamed it on the SKS rifle. The Skeet and Trap shooters blamed it on the semi-autos. Everyone blamed it on the Saturday night specials, whatever those are. Let’s settle three things. One, it is not about technology, it’s about bearing arms. Two, what I hunt with is my business as long as it is legal in the state where I am hunting. Three, the gun grabbers hate us and you cannot give the them a sacrifice like “Saturday night specials” or “black” rifles to appease them. The anti’s will only be satisfied once all firearms are confiscated and destroyed for our own good.

Jim Zumbo learned his lesson, so now it’s Martin J. Pielech’s turn. I’d be willing to bet that Martin lives in a large metropolitan area in the north or in the land of fruits & nuts (California). He is not a hunter, he is ignorant to what we are about or he is from the other side, either way he has shown that he is part of the problem and not one of us. That’s how I read his letter to the editor.

If you want to censor something, do me big favor and just censor these type of letters to the editor. That way, this vein in my neck can go down and my teeth will unclench. I’ve got over 10 round magazines to load and I don’t have time for this.
P.S. I just loved the Clintons. I didn’t even own a semi-auto rifle of any kind before the Clintons. I look forward to more of the same regardless of who is in office.

No Signature

I would have to agree with the editor using an AR-15 for hunting is no different that using any other rifle, it is just black and probably even better suited for most environments. We need to stop yielding to the politically correct and start calling a gun a gun, it does not make a bit of difference what it style is it can be used to hunt or the protect. A gun is tool and just like most tools there are many different styles but the purpose is the same. We cannot yield in our fight to be right and to stand for the truth, and we certainly don’t need to run scared because that is just what the anti-gunners want. We need to take a stand and not back down, because if we do brown and grey guns with a bolt action are next, remember they are used by snipers.

Greg Silliman

JJ, you’re right and you know you’re right. To allow anyone, or any special interest group, to define one type of gun as evil is the slippery slope to defining one gun as evil, then another, and another, and so on.

That being said, there is a certain mystique about a gun’s appearance. Recently I was at a friend’s house showing off a couple of long guns when his young son (pre-teen) joined us. The son looked admiringly at the Ruger side-by-side, held it carefully, inspected it from every angle, and then said “This has persuaded me to become a gunmaker. This gun is extraordinarily beautiful!”

When the Colt H-Bar came out of the box, he asked if he could see it. Making sure (as always) the gun was empty, his father handed it to him. He looked it over, tucked it under his arm, and went room to room as if on a clearing operation.

I’m left trying to figure out did the son grasp the functionality of one gun versus the other based on their appearance, was it the father’s instruction regarding firearms, was it television?

I know I get puddly with a Beretta over and under, and bristly with a pistol grip Mossberg pump action.

Those who do not understand the purpose of a gun could easily convince themselves the more aggressive looking one is more lethal than another, and therefore more evil.

Stephan Martin via e-mail

Would Mr. Pielech have objected to the photo had the young man only been shooting at tin cans or paper targets?

He obviously isn’t in the “business” in any way, shape or form if he’s never seen anyone use an AR-type rifle for hunting.

I’m sure there must be an appropriate “Conner-ism” for his type, but I’ll be polite and just call him clueless.

I think it’s safe to say, I’m not the least bit worried that His Editorial Immensess would cave in to letting the “sheeple” (oops, it snuck in!) dictate what photos are/aren’t acceptable in the best gun magazine on the rack!

L. French
Medford, OR

Mr. Pielech, I truly respect and appreciate you have your own opinions and are willing to express them. But, I’d like to say that I disagree with you on several points.

Number One: As John Taffin said in another great Campfire Tale in this same issue, “A gun is a gun is a gun.” Those of us who support the Second Amendment to our Constitution can’t do it half heartedly. We can’t pick and choose the guns we think are okay because they’re not our idea of a “hunting rifle”. When we do this, we’re hurting our own cause and playing right into the hands of those who would love to see us have no guns what so ever. We have to support each other and stand along side one another. I whole heartedly agree with Ed on this one. A 5-shot AR-15 is no different than a 5-shot Remington 7400.

Number Two: I myself routinely hunt with an AR-15 variant. I have two lower recievers, one with a fixed stock and one with an adjustable stock, and I have multiple uppers for them in .223, .204 Ruger, and 6.8mm SPC. I’ve hunted deer, feral hogs, coyotes, rabbits, varmints, raccoons and many other things with them, in addition to target shooting and 3-gun matches. All with the very same rifles. When you add in the AR-10 variant with it’s larger calibers, you have even more options. Not to mention the advantages of it’s modular construction and available adjustable stocks for either variant. They can be tailored to any shooter from Summer in a T-shirt, to Winter in a 2″ thick parka with the simple adjustment of the stock. If a gun that can do all of these things isn’t a sporting rifle, then please, by all means, show me one that is.

Number Three: We are the general public. Gun owners are the guy next door or across the alley that you visit with when you’re mowing your lawn. We can do more for the other, non gun owning members of the general public by presenting a level headed, responsible image of gun ownership. We should be showing people there is no such thing as an “evil gun” and that an AR-15 is no different than a Winchester Model 94 or a Ruger 10/22.

Lastly, Number Four: The number of shootings that occur with handguns highly out number those with long guns. The Colorado Springs church shooting, The Georgia hospital shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, and the lllinois shooting all occured with handguns, even though the NIU shooter had a shotgun with him.

So, Mr. Pielech. I’m not trying to change your opinion. If you choose not to hunt with an AR-15, they by all means, don’t. But please, support those who do. Making any gun out to be “evil” right now damages our cause. Now is the time we should all be together and not bickering amongst ourselves.

William Nall
Odessa, TX

I just read the letter from Martin J. Pielech, and it is disturbing the “gun owners” who will swallow the “anti’s” bait hook, line and sinker. It is no more improper to hunt with an AR, AK, etc. than it is to hunt with my Shiloh Sharps single shot, and we should stand up for gun rights regardless of type of gun. The second amendment has nothing to do with “hunting” it has to do with right, and defense of our way of life, freedom from fear of government. Keep standing for right.

Frank G. Blackwell

To borrow a baseball analogy, the letter from Mr. Pielech is a fat pitch, so let me take a crack at hitting it out of the park for the good guys.

My daugther Anna is 12, and is a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association’s high power rifle team. The ISRA’s junior high power program, the Hard Dogs, is a great introduction to the sport of high power rifle competion in the service rifle category. There is a training clinic every year for people who are interested in learning about high power competition, and a significant number of the attendees are juniors like my daughter Anna. About 50 people attended this year, about 1/3 of whom were juniors.

In her first time firing at 200 yards, she was able to keep most of her shots in the black when firing from the prone position. To put that in perspective for those who are not familiar with high power, she was regularly able to hit a target the size of a basketball at 200 yards with iron sights on her AR-15.

I have competed at the National Matches at Camp Perry for the last 6 years, and I am always amazed ny the ability of the younger kids to shoot better that I do at 43. They usually have the advantage of agility, being in good shape, and having good vision. They also have the advantage of not having to unlearn a lot of bad habits before learning how to shoot properly.

A proud dad? Guilty as charged, however, that does not diminish the vailidity of training our kids to use America’s service rifle, the AR-15. It is an outstanding rifle that is without peer.

Kevin Baxter
Hampshire, IL

I was dismayed after reading the letter from Mr. Pielech concerning the bad taste of using a photo of a young hunter, hunting with an AR-15. My youngest son, who is 31, hunts coyotes regularly with his AR-15. What many of the older generation (and I’m 64) don’t realize is this is the current generation’s view of hunting rifles.

I grew up using the standard bolt actions of an earlier era, it doesn’t make them better or worse, it’s just what I was familiar with. There is a far deeper problem here, the fear of what anti-gunners and the Brady bunch will think. It is time we begin believing in ourselves and our second amendment constitutional rights as law abiding citizens to shoot our guns of choice.

I am a State Representative from Kansas and have carried several gun bills on the House floor. We are naive to believe certain types of guns will not be targeted by these groups, most want all guns banned, they are just attempting to do it one gun at a time. Whether one’s ownership of a gun is for hunting, self-defense, collecting, competition or any other law abiding reason, we need to be vigilante and stand up, unashamed, for our 2nd amendment rights.

Richard Carlson
St. Marys, Kansas

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