2 thoughts on “Walther PPS M2 Pistol Concealed Carry Gem


    In an age of frenzied government restrictions on our second amendment rights, the most current fad being MAGAZINE CAPACITY RESTRICTIONS, these low capacity single stack arms that do NOT hold anywhere near enough ammo for a law enforcement officer to adequately keep his life safe, are a GUN CONTROL POLITICIANS DREAM COME TRUE, and to intentionally go there of free will, is doing yourself and our rights, a disservice.

  2. Phil

    Not a bad suggestion, and to be caught short of supply in rounds, could be deadly, but I understand the comment about “shall not be infringed” which BOTH Obama, an Hillary want to do away with, among other rights, like their successful attack on the 1st Amendment, and PCness.
    I like high-cap, even in my carry gun ’cause to run out at a critical time, or multiple threats is not a consideration.
    Obama told his anti-gunner friends he would disarm us before his term ends in November, and you see the results..He is “Federalizing” State AND Local Law Enforcement, placing them under HIS control, and also recently sent his Head of the Justice Department to the UN to sign an agreement to allow UN Police, and troops to enter the US at his bidding. Both Obama, AND Hillary have ALREADY signed the UN’s Small Arms Agreement, and now this… His sights are set, and with the violence recently by Islamic, and other shooters, he sees a reason to push forward regardless of Congress, House, etc., etc..
    Could he be calling in UN entities to disarm us? This WOULD cause a 2nd Revolution, and he would declare Martial Law, and use all at his disposal to TRY and disarm us.


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