Vote For Your State Gun

Do you wish your state would follow Utah’s lead and select a state gun? Well here’s your chance to nominate an official state gun — handgun or long gun— for your home state.

In 50 words or less, make a case for why that firearm is an appropriate “fit” for your state by leaving a comment below. We’ll keep a running tally once we have a few to report so you can see the results. When we have a couple bushels of ’em, we’ll get them to the right “State” people.

Now let’s get rollin’! Connor OUT.

107 thoughts on “Vote For Your State Gun

  1. Don H.

    I nominate the Model 1911 Because the great Texas Rangers use and have used it for years.Besides it’s a great piece of history and a great all around firearm.

    1. Sarge

      Don, Your are mistaken. The colt 45 the Rangers carried was the Colt Single Action Peacemaker. They did not change until the 70’s. Then they went to the 1911. I would vote for the Colt peacemaker in 45 long colt.

  2. Rome

    The State of Mississisppi already has a rifle named after it so that would be the logical choice. The U.S. M1841 Rifle, nicknamed the Mississippi Rifle in honor of the performance of the Mississippi Volunteer Reg., commanded by Jefferson Davis in the Mexican War.

  3. Phil Chumley

    I recommend the M1 Garand for the great State of Oklahoma. The 45th Division was one of the most decorated military units in WWII. The state has always had a strong National Guard program including many current members who have deployed 3 and 4 times. The Garand would be fitting in the tradition of that great military history. Oklahoma=Garand

  4. featherfisher

    While the TX Rangers have used the illustrious M1911 nothing more represents the Texas Spirit more than the Colt Single Action Model 1873 in .45 Colt- after all what does Texas Speedway award for the Sprint cup win? What firearm fought bad guys and Commaches more than that? Thank ya’ll

    1. John

      Texas Colt Walker,

      Biggest and Most powerful at the time, used by the Rangers.

      Just think Walker Texas Ranger

      1. Jim Rasmki

        The very gun I thought of for Texas, the Colt Walker! The 1st “$$ magnum” designed on requests from Texas Rangers. They needed more power to better deal with ruthless border jumping lawbreakers & off reservation Indian raiders in the VAST frontier. Larger chambers & stout design was it. Everything’s bigger in Texas !

  5. Sarge

    The Colt Peacemaker 45 is the ranger staple until the 70’s It is also the one used by texas law enforcers until the 50’s to 60’s. This is the gun that won the west and texas is the epitomy of the west.

  6. Bill Kauffman

    Due to California being a old western state and the history of ranching, mining, cattle and farming, I would nomintate the single action revolver i.e. the Colt .45

    1. ChuckDC

      The state gun of CA should be the AR-15/M-16. Designed in CA, first built in CA. Design was in Hollywood and build in Costa Mesa.At the time, it was very “California”, forward-thinking and unconventional, long on engineering and technology. It would also be a middle finger to the politicians who banned the AR here, especially with the Off-list/Bullet button deal making them available to Californians again.

  7. Live Free or Die

    New Hampshire
    Sig Sauer P229

    First manufactured in Exeter, NH.

    New Jersey
    Super Soaker

    Probably only the only gun you can be sure to safe with. I would say a Nerf gun, but if it holds more then 15 darts it is probably illegal!

  8. P161911

    The only gun manufactured in any number that has any ties to Georgia is the Glock. Glock’s US headquarters are just outside Atlanta. So I would nominate the Glock, probably the 17, even if my personal choice would be the 20.

    1. phillip

      Let us also not forget that Master Piece Arms makes the ” defender ” line of firearms in Carrolton. I do agree that Glock is the most popular and well known brand, although they are not made in Georgia, there is just the main office.

  9. ASM

    The State of Michigan should nominate a .30-06 Springfield, the BLR Lightweight ’81 Takedown. Deer hunting season sees a force the size of the US standing Army take the fields of the north. 3030s are pretty popular too – we’ll talk black powder later.
    But in the city? .22 derringer tucks away real nice… leave the bigger boys under the floor mat or nearby till you need ’em – that’s just too much to think about!

    1. ken

      i dare say that the 30-30 has probably taken more deer in michigan, or this country for that matter, than any rifle in history. i vote for the winchester 94!

  10. Barry Idler

    Colt’s Peacemaker definitely belongs to New Jersey. The revolver was conceived and first manufactured in Paterson, NJ along the Passaic River which powered the plant.

    1. mike Trotta

      Arizona has already claimed the Peacemaker as the official gun.

      News Jersey, New York and Maryland should claim the squirt gun as their state gun due to their state’s stand for gun control and infringement of their citizen’s rights.

  11. Troy W.

    In North Carolina the clear choice is the “Gatling Gun” by Richard Gatling or could it be the M1 Carbine by David Marshall Williams. Both invented here, guess it’s not so clear. I chose Both!

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  13. RedPepper

    The Red Ryder BB gun would be my first choice. My second choice would be the M1 carbine. My third choice would be the present day black rifle, AR-15. And yes, I have used all three extensively.

  14. Kansas Slim

    Kansas’ official arm should be the Sharps Rifle in any of the buffalo hunting calibers, although I would prefer the .45-70 since it is more available today.


    1. Raymond W. Brandon

      Sounds good to me. If we were to go with a handgun, I would say the Colt Python…watch out for that bite…………………

  15. John L.

    +1 David Marshall Williams and the M1 Carbine for NC

    Mr. Williams spent his entire life in NC and the M1 was actually designed and built in NC. Mr. Gatling spent much of his adult life elsewhere and his Gatling gun company was in Indiana.

  16. Nate

    South Dakota

    Remington 870 12gauge pump action shotgun.

    SD state bird is the ring-neck pheasant and we have a long tradition of shooting that very same bird.

  17. cheesehead redneck

    NJ should be your finger as a gun. Anything else will hurt or scare someone.

    WI should be a rubber band gun. Even though WI has a long great tradition of hunters, the only ones carrying guns are criminals and union thugs… oops, trey are the same.

    SC should be every gun. The gun freedom we have is a blessed right. The right to carry, the castle doctrine and the alter ego laws to name a few.


      1. LeftHandMT


        Absolutely! The Barrett M98 should be Tennessee’s official State Gun.
        In the last 100 years, only four individuals have invented firearms adopted by the United States Military: John Browning, John C. Garand, Eugene Stoner, and Ronnie Barrett (Murfreesboro, TN).

  18. Thomas Lee

    I vote for Virginia to have the Barrett M82, .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. Virginia is the home of Seal Team 6 of Osama and Saddam fame. We are home to more army, navy and air force and coast guard personnel then most any other two states. The Barrett signifies the fact that Virgina is state of the art, in training, firepower and machismo.

  19. mec

    We already have a state bird- Mockingbird, a state flying mammal- the bat. A state gun is next. There is a move afoot, and it’s a good one, to name the Walker Colt the State Gun of Texas.

  20. MadMax47

    I vote for the NightHawk Custom’s 1911 .45ACP!!! Tough as a diamond for the Only State in the USA with an Open to the public Diamond Mine!!!! By the way we have some pretty damn good CCW laws too!!!
    Now all we need is to bring back the Open Carry Law!!!

  21. John Knobelsdorf

    The “Walker Colt”, designed by Texas Ranger Captain Samuel Walker and produced by Colt Firearms during the early days of the Republic and of the State of Texas epitomizes the historic significance of being named the “Official Firearm of the State of Texas”. No other firearm has that provenance.

  22. tadcass

    For New Jersey, I would like to nominate the Paterson Colt. Samuel Colt set up his factory in Paterson, NJ.

  23. Mike Trotta

    Arizona has already claimed the Colt peacemaker as their state gun.

    Here in Oregon I think we should claim the Hawken Rifle because it was most likely THE gun that brought people safely across the Oregon Trail.

  24. joseph

    For California…the Smith and Wesson model 29. Made famous by Clint in the movies, and Hollywood is where movies are born. Besides, you know us Californians…Gotta make the biggest impression wherever we go!

  25. Kevin J

    New York should have an air horn, because that’s all they want us to have around here. Unless its after 9:00m then you might wake people up from there sleep.

  26. Robert Kojima

    For the “Aloha State” M-1 Garand is the rifle that was carried by
    the 442 and 100 Regement in Italy & Germany and beat the German’s in the WW II.
    And where it got the USA into the war with Pearl Harbor bombing by the attack of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
    This is the rifle that won the Second World War. “M-I Garand”

  27. Jata34

    I like the “Chicago Typewriter” or Thompson machine gun for Illinois. However, having lived here for 50+ years, I know that thinking will never fly with our elected officials. Therefore, I recommend the Model 1903 rifle — of which serial number #1 produced by the Rock Island (IL) Arsenal is kept in the Rock Island Arsenal museum.

  28. John Verduzco

    The Golden State choice would be John Moses Browning 1911 A-1
    45ACP. With Brownings genius 1911 invention he has a 100 year
    Anniversary this year and his 1911 has had no real change to his
    original design. Many gun companies are still manufacturing this
    “AWESOME” 1911 A-1 45 ACP today! It has served since 1911 to 1985
    in the military as a great side arm.

  29. Dave

    NY should adopt the Ithaca 37. The longest production run of a pump shotgun in history. Made in NY until 2007ish. Growing up I would say that every third or forth person I met in the field was using one and it’s still very popular today.

  30. jon burnside

    FMK 9C1 Made in california, Sen. Feinstein & Sen. Boxer on the firing line. steel plates falling , brass cases raining down .Gov. Brown with timer & score cards .Whoraw

  31. BigIron

    For Arkansas, I’d nominate the Nighthawk 1911, the Wilson Combat AR-15 (both made here), or the Remington 700, in honor of the Remington ammunition plant in Lonoke.

  32. Ron Harper

    Elmer Keith lived here in Idaho and was instrumental in the .44 Mag being developed. Hence, Idaho should have the S&W .44

  33. Dave Anderson

    North Dakota: I’d suggest the Winchester 1876. It was popular with early settlers and ranchers because it was significantly more powerful than the earlier 1866 and 1873 Winchesters. One prominent fan was Theodore Roosevelt. His Winchester ’76 in .45-75 is on display at Medora near Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where he once had a ranch.

    Roosevelt wrote he killed every kind of game with his ’76, from grizzly to bighorn. He also carried it while tracking down and capturing three horse thieves.

  34. Dave

    For New Jersey I nominate the Henry Big Boy Series Lever Action Rifle since it is made by Henry Repeating Arms located in Bayonne, NJ.

  35. Forest

    Massachusetts – ether the 1903 Springfield or the .357 Registered Magnum. Each built within burst radius of each other.

  36. charlie

    For North Carolina, I nominate the Para-Ordnance Super Hog, a 6 inch barrel 1911 with 14 rd capacity. Made here since they left Canada.

  37. David

    For California…3

    What ever firearm you could get to shoot Marshmallows, and miss-fire allot!

    It would still have to be registered as an assault weapon!

  38. Red

    For the state of Georgia I would have to say the M24 or M21 snipers, in honor of the incredible sniper school at Fort Benning.

  39. Bill Martin

    I would like to suggest the Colt Walker as the Texas State Gun. It was designed with the guiding suggestions of a Texas
    Ranger and was used primarily by Texas Rangers. It is, without a doubt, the most appropriate gun to be the Texas State Gun.

  40. Brian

    CT. CT has so many historic firearms manufacturers that have produced products that changed history. To go with a more modern approach I would nominate either Stag or PTR. Preferably, the PTR. The quality of the welds and manufacturing on their 308 PTR91 is superb. I’ll never trade mine in and a semi 308 is the do everything firearm of today.

  41. OneHogFarm

    For Tennessee it’s the original, Barrett Model 82A1 .50 caliber rifle made right here in Middle Tennessee for 25 years.

  42. Joe

    I vote for Michigan, Taurus Judge. No particular reason, just sounds fitting, two calibers, two peninsulas.

  43. Chris G

    I nominate the Colt SAA (Peacemaker) for the state of Arizona. We are the home for so many stories of the Wild West, and the most prominent pistol back then was the Colt Single Action Army.

  44. magman454

    Florida – Kel-Tec P3AT. Made in Florida. It was the 1st of the breed. Probably the single most carried gun in Florida, and possibly the US.

  45. Snapshot Buntline

    The Model 1895 Winchester.30 US (aka .30-40 Krag) was standard issue for The Arizona Rangers (1901-1909), along with the Colt SAA in .45 Long Colt, which many states probably have a reason to claim. I would vote for the Winchester for the Arizona state gun.
    While the organization was short lived in the early 1900’s, it is alive now with volunteers doing public service. Some seem to prefer the venerable 1911 as a sidearm, while others opt for more modern pistols, eschewing the SAA and the 1911. I carry both, one for EDC and one for SASS.

  46. John S.

    I second OneHogFarm by nominating the Barrett M82 for Tennessee; a gun designed by a Tennessean, first built by a Tennessean, and manufactured here in Tennessee only 60 miles from where I live. It seems like a natural choice.

  47. Ross G.

    No state gun for Illinois because our Governor still thinks we are too irresponsible to carry one.
    Also last Friday a 16 year old tried to rob a clown at gunpoint in Chicago.
    the 16 year old is dead now.
    The clown was a cop.


    Well, we Tennessee folks love our women, our dogs, and our guns. There’s a big ol’ gun made over yonder in middle Tennessee by Ronnie Barrett that can hit a knats eye near two mile out. It’s a good ‘un alright and we all are mighty proud of it.

  49. Scott Patrick

    I third the nomination of the Barrett M82A1 .50BMG, for the Great State of Tennessee, home to the ultimate sniper rifle.

  50. Axelbrode

    For The State of Ohio: I nominate the TAURUS 357 Magnum Revolver Model 608 (8 shot revolver). Will handle any 38 Special rounds including +P and the 357 Magnum round.

  51. Don Kennamer

    I’m an avid Duck Hunter but Deer Hunting is the most popular type of hunting in Alabama so I’ll Go with the trusted Remington 30-06 as our state gun… although I personally use a Sako 7mm Mag. For Mule Deer and Elk….I use my favorite caliber 7mm-08 in a Steyr Pro Hunter for Alabama Whitetail.

  52. Pollock28

    MN – Magnum Research Desert Eagle because its the made in state (or at least was not sure if they are still out of Minneapolis after the Kahr buy out, but none the less a distinct gun made in Minnesota)

  53. david ong

    winchester 96

    whitetail hunting is the most hunt that west virginians do
    and the best gun for this in our terrainis the winchester 30 30

    30 30 for west virginia

  54. Joshua

    For Alabama the Remington 700. Lightweight, rugged, suited for taking anything walking the state or country at an affordable price and often passed down the family this rifle is representative of a working person. “There’s not many problems in the world you can’t fix with 700 dollars and a 30-06.”

  55. Steve Peters

    I’m from California and the only gun that seems to fit the current political environment here is a Lady Smith in pink.

  56. Disposablehero

    Virginia has three main focuses in the state, There is the Military who we are all proud of, the history of Jamestown and the founding fathers, and a whole bunch of whitetail deer. To combine all of these elements (history, military, hunting deer), I came up with the 1903A3 springfield, 30-06. It’s a fine rifle all the way around.

  57. Mountainman655


  58. Jrickard

    Arkansas should make the Rem. 870 12ga. Its state gun. Arkansas has some of the best duck hunting in the country and the 870 is heavily used. We use it to take deer and almost any other game. It also has protected our homes and families!

    1. magman454

      I carry a .380 all the time, a 9 mm most of the time, and a .45 sometimes. It’s a matter of heat and appropriate clothing. I’m confident enough in my firearms, ammo, and shot placing abilities to not have to try to compensate with a large caliber. Call me a woos if you’d like, but I wouldn’t want to be shot with a .22.

  59. Denny

    What gun could ever be better for California than what “The Duke”, John Wayne, had made so popular; The Winchester .30-30 Repeating Rifle. Not just for us here in California, but across the USA! Has anyone ever done more for one particular firearm than perhaps John Browning and his 1911?

  60. Stoneman

    I Nominate the AR 15 for the Alaska state gun. We hunt larger game mostly, so haveing a few extra rounds for protections is important. And Alaska seems to have a larger percentage of people who feel the need for adequit self defence.

  61. CT Instructor

    From Connecticut. I think we should make the Colt 1911 our State Firearm. After all, Colt is located in West Hartford and the original Colt building is in the capital, Hartford, Ct. Of course we have had Ruger in Westport and Marlin in New Haven. I guess Connecticut used to be a hot spot for firearm manufacturing.

  62. edward covington

    Here we go again. Of course it has to be the Colt Walker for the Great State of Texas. The reason being that Samuel Walker and his Colt Walker were so involved in the early history of Texas.

  63. roaddog783

    Connecticut should be the Colt 1911 it has been produced in Connecticut for the last 100 years and has been used in combat by US Forces all over the world. It is the most replicated handgun in the US. Honorable mention should go to Ruger, Marlin, Winchester and Thompson.

  64. David Tucker

    Missouri- I speak for all of Missouri and we are happy to announce we choose,.,,..,. a Glock 22 as our state handgun !!!!

  65. Keith English

    THe Colt Patterson should be the State Gun of New Jersey. It was made in Paterson New Jersey and helped put Colt on the map.

  66. Bill Morgan

    For MO, the 1858 Remington .44 that many used to defend their homes from the cutthroats sent here by the tyrant Lincoln.


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