Vietnam Sniper

In the caption in Handloading from the May issue John Barsness cites Chuck Mawhinney (USMC) as having the “highest number of confirmed kills in Vietnam.” Actually the highest number of confirmed kills in Vietnam is Adelbert F. Waldron with 109 confirmed. But then, he was in the US Army, so maybe it doesn’t count. Just saying. Otherwise the article is great and as an M14 driver concur the .308 is truly a great round.
R. T. Langan
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I should have specified Mawhinney as the Marine with the highest number of confirmed kills. I had heard about Waldron, though it’s been awhile. (Apparently age is catching up to me!) —John Barsness

Yang Kyoungjong

Appreciate John Connor’s “Forgotten or Unknown” piece this month and wanted to share an additional resource for each of two of the four men profiled for those who want to take a deeper dive:

The story of Yang Kyoungjong, the Korean taken prisoner with the Germans at Normandy and how he got there is also an entertaining movie entitled My Way (available on Netflix). According to the movie, Yang was the top marathon runner in Korea before the war, so his WWII story has several parallels with American Louie Zamperini (Unbroken).

Regarding the amazing story of 80-year-old Samuel Whitmore’s stand at Lexington and Concord and his incredible recovery after being left for dead is also just one of many inspirational stories of ordinary citizens taking a stand on April 19, 1775, told in vivid, page-turning detail in David Hackett Fischer’s book Paul Revere’s Ride.
Steve Beddor
Minneapolis, MN

Thanks for the tip on Paul Revere’s Ride, Steve, I’ll check it out. As for the movie My Way, I can highly recommend it as a well-made, interesting film very loosely based on Yang’s story. The producers took many liberties, like the fictional romantic interest, the whole marathon runner bit—he wasn’t—and the weird identity switch at the end. Despite this parsley, the main points of the tale are true, and I think most GUNS readers would like it.—Connor

President & Vice President?!

Just read articles in April issue by John Conner and John Taffin. Only thing to say is “Connor for President,” and to have a spare, “Taffin for Vice President.”
Chief Joe, Over and OUT!
Joe Lowery

Just read Mike Cumpston’s article in the May issue and I must say you were very thorough with it. Thank you so much for taking the time to review our firearm. I do have a couple of corrections for you. Our company’s name is spelled “Lionheart Industries” with no space not “Lion Heart.” Secondly the model is “LH9CN” not “LH9NC.” Other than that, it looks great!
Joshua Whi
Lionheart Industries,
Director of Sales

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