10 Most-Watched Gun Cranks Episodes Of 2022


Each week, our resident Gun Cranks — along with the occasional special guest — debate, degrade and debut popular gun-related topics. Take a look back at our 10 most-watched episodes of 2022, then send us your suggestions for what topics you’d like to see in 2023!

10. Appendix Carry: You'll Shoot Your @#$% Off!

We’ve heard it time and again; if you carry in the appendix position, you’ll lose some vital parts. Do the Gun Cranks agree? Find out in this special four-way episode with Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, Erick Gelhaus, and Nic Lenze.

9. Lessons From Indiana: Stopping Mass Killers

We can learn a lot from the actions of the heroic young man who stopped a bad guy with a gun at an Indiana mall. The Gun Cranks discuss these lessons and how they should affect your training.

8. You Will Die If You Don't Have This On Your Nightstand!

What happens during a home invasion? Resident Gun Cranks Brent Wheat, Tom McHale & Roy Huntington look at which gun is best to have on the nightstand next to your bed.

7. Camp Safety: How To Carry While Camping

After reading about a disturbing act of violence at a campsite, the Gun Cranks discuss how, where, and what you should carry while camping.

6. Are Lever Actions Obsolete?

With the large number of modern, modular, semi-automatic rifles chambered for intermediate cartridges in circulation, do lever-action firearms still serve a role? Today, the Cranks discuss just that, as well as welcome back Brent Wheat of GUNS Magazine.

5. Shooting In Mexico & Federal's New 30 Super Carry Ammunition

The Gun Cranks explain why shotguns are still cool, banter about Federal Ammunition’s new 30 Super Carry and Roy tells of his exploits of shooting in Mexico. It’s the Gun Cranks!

4. Uh Oh! Concealed Carry Blunders

Growing pains are not foreign to those who carry concealed. This week, Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, and Erick Gelhaus of American Cop tell their tales of woe.

3. The Case For .22 Magnum

We often hear gun writers discount the effectiveness of .22 caliber ammunition, but should they? Find out what the Gun Cranks think in today’s episode.

2. Is It Stupid To Carry Two Guns?

Resident Gun Cranks Brent Wheat, Tom McHale & Roy Huntington question whether or not carrying two guns is smart or stupid.

1. Wadcutters For Self-Defense? Ammunition For Small Guns

On this episode of Gun Cranks with guest, Erick Gelhaus of American Cop, the Cranks discuss whether wadcutters and semi-wadcutters are still relevant for self-defense.

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