Henry Lever Action Axe

One Hundred Smiles, Zero Tax Stamps
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This week, our First Look focuses on the Henry Lever Action Axe in .410. The Axe has the same 5-round capacity of 2 ½” shells as its larger lever action .410 shotgun counterparts, and the addition of a loading gate means that you can keep that capacity topped off at all times without needing to remove a tube magazine.

With a barrel length of just under 16” and an overall length of just over 26”, the Axe can be stored in far more places than your average shotgun. Despite its short overall length, the Axe is only considered a firearm … which means no tax stamp.

The Axe .410 is available in two finishes – hardened brass (MSRP $1,132) and matte blued steel (MSRP $1,049). For full specs, visit HenryUSA.com.

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Gear List

Ears: Axil GS Extreme, https://goaxil.com/
Eyes: Gatorz Eyewear, https://gatorz.com
Ammunition: Hornady .410 Triple Defense, hornady.com

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