Varmints Beware

The Savage Model 93 .22 WMR Is Here

With all the options we have today in .22 Long Rifle ammunition, as well as varmint loads for the .223 Remington and the .22-250, is the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire still a viable choice? The .22 Magnum is certainly a better hunting cartridge for larger varmints and small game than the .22 Long Rifle. It is not only more powerful, but it also bucks the wind better than its little brother.

Wind is something I always have to factor into the equation in my hunting areas; still days with no wind are absolutely rare. A look at both the .22 Long Rifle and the .22 Magnum from CCI reveals the latter is almost 600 fps faster at 1,900 fps. If you hunt in an area where wind is not a factor and the distances are close, the .22 Long Rifle is a real bargain as more than three boxes can be purchased for the cost of one box of .22 Magnums. The .22 Long Rifle is definitely the plinker’s cartridge, however, the Magnum version wins out with the serious hunter.

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