Unloading A Striker-Fired Pistol

Roy’s Insider Tips #239

August 2012

Unloading Handguns part 3 of 6: How do you safely unload a striker-fired pistol? Using a Springfield XDM 3.8, American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington provides a brief overview for those looking to learn how to safely unload their semi auto.

One thought on “Unloading A Striker-Fired Pistol

  1. Donnie Haines

    I came across this video. While I’m sure you mean well, I find it disturbing that you feel a need to produce such a video in the first place. What I mean is,are there people out there who are so clueless about guns that they need to to be shown how to unload a gun? If they are that clueless, perhaps they shouldn’t have a gun in the first place.
    Perhaps I’m too critical since I’ve been handling firearms since I was 9 years old (which means I’ve been around guns for 60 years.. geez but am I that old?)and by the time I was 11 I had at least 6 firearms in my room, including a military semi-auto carbine, 3 pistols, 3 shotguns, a long bow and a crossbow. I started instructing at age 12.
    Sorry but I guess in these modern times, there probably are folks who didn’t grow up with guns. Which in way is sad. It’s our heritage and our right under the Constitution.
    An armed society is a polite society. And always remember, when your life is at risk and SECONDS count, the police are only MINUTES away.


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