Old West Model P U.S. Calvary Revolver Prize Package Giveaway


Cimarron has been offering authentic historical firearm replicas for the past 30 years. It is therefore fitting the gun being given away in the GUNS Magazine Old West Special Edition is Cimarron’s Model P U.S. Cavalry Revolver. The Model P U.S. Cavalry is a “detail-perfect rendition of the single action of Custer’s ill-fated 7th Cavalry’s legendary revolver.” Cimarron’s 7.5″-barrelled, Uberti/ U.S. Cavalry-style firearm even has Ainsworth’s OWA inspection cartouche on the walnut stock. Its old model color case-hardened frame with a standard blue finish has 7th Cavalry markings. With the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail, owning Cimarron’s Model P U.S. Cavalry Revolver will be like holding a piece of history in your hand!

Carry your revolver in Galco’s Single Action Outdoorsman. Made from premium saddle leather, the holster is designed for single-action revolvers, just right for the Model P U.S. Cavalry.

Bear & Son Cutlery says its 563 Small Stag Bone Hunter is for hunters and trailblazers. Its India Stag Bone handle makes the knife look traditional while the 2 7/8″ 440 stainless steel blade gives it a modern edge.

You’ll be traveling back in time when you win the Model P U.S. Cavalry package. But for now, you have to enter!