Two For The Trail

TOPS’ Wind Runners Are Two Handy Knives In One Sheath

I’m one of a group of knife nuts who believe in the “Twofer Rule” of toting more than one knife in the field: a large one for heavy duty chores and a smaller one for finesse work. TOPS Knives’ Wind Runners duo fits the rule to a “T,” combining two hard-working knives on one easy-to-pack or carry sheath. The heavy cutter of this fixed-blade pair is the Wind Runner XL, 9.8″ of knife with 5.25″ of that in deep-bellied re-curved blade. The identical but smaller Wind Runner is 6.4″ in length with a 3″ cutting edge. You can use the big guy for man-sized cutting chores like chopping and butchering, and the little fellow for detail work such as shaving, skinning and notching. Add to that the fact that the Wind Runners can handle a camp full of grub preparation and this is one versatile set.

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