Trigger Finger Placement

Part II In The Continuing Series, “Back To Basics.”

Subtleties matter. Individuality matters. And for both of those reasons, exactly how you place your finger on the trigger matters. We’ve all heard the old saying, “The devil is in the details.” I try to balance that with the classic statement widely attributed to the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “God is in the details.”

To get good hits with a handgun, I have long believed a controlled trigger press is “the heart of the beast.” But the heart of anything is made up of that organ’s valves and chambers and synergy with the lungs and the circulatory system. In the same (no pun intended) vein, telling folks to “just bring the trigger straight back without pulling the muzzle off target” doesn’t cover all of the little elements involved in making that possible.

And one of those elements is, exactly what part of the trigger finger should contact the face of the trigger in the first place?

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