“Top Tickoffs Of 2010”

There Will Be More In 2011

Yes, I have and I wear “Infidel” caps and shirts, and yes, some people appear offended. Or perhaps, they’re just made very uncomfortable, not wanting to be around someone who may attract bullets, firebombs, howling mobs of mindless jihadists or “governmental attention.”

I point out, “That’s what they call me—and by the way, they call you an infidel too. I’m an unrepentant infidel. Stand up and fight or kneel down and beg, but don’t just crouch there sniveling and whining.”

I’ll be wearing my infidel gear more as the grand mosque at Ground Zero climbs skyward. I know; it’s being touted by apologists as “a wonderful example of our commitment to religious freedom,” blah-blah-blah. But it’s not being built as an effort to “reach out and heal the wounds of 9-11”; far from it. It’s stepping on the necks of the survivors, families and friends of 3,000 victims—and crowing about it. Historically, where there has been a great slaughter of infidels and a victory for Islam, grand mosques have been triumphantly erected. Simple as that.

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