Top 5 Reasons To Buy Ruger’s “Ranch-Thirty”

By FMG Staff

Look, everyone wants more for less, right? We all have expensive tastes, but few of us have the budgets to back it up. Enter Ruger, who has a hard-earned reputation for making great rifles at great prices. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the American Rifle Series.

Building on that tradition is the new 7.62x39mm Ranch Rifle — yep, you read that right, 7.62x39mm. Now, don’t get this confused with the semi-auto Mini-Thirty — you know, that rifle for guys who can’t bring themselves to buy an AK, but will happily buy an American-made gun that can shoot the same round. You know who you are out there!

Nope, the “Ranch-Thirty” (priced at an MSRP of $599) is a rock-solid bolt gun based on the Ruger American, but with Ranch-unique twists. Want to learn more? Then read on for the top five features that make this a must-have addition to your collection.

1. It’s Handy

Like any self-respecting ranch rifle, this new Ruger is compact and handy. It has a short 16.12″ barrel, an overall length of 36″, and it weighs just under 6 lbs. Yep, this thing would be easy to throw behind the seat in your truck or carry around with you while you roam your homestead (or just have a fun day at the range). Images courtesy of Ruger.

2. More Bang, Less Bite

While you can already get the Ranch in 5.56mm, 300 BLK or even .450 Bushmaster, the 7.62x39mm chambering gives you more bang than the former two with less bite (on your shoulder) than the latter. And, you can get some really good (and really affordable) ammo to burn through it. Image courtesy of Hornady.

3. It’s Optics Ready

The Ruger American Ranch Rifle is optics ready right from the factory. It comes with a factory-installed, one-piece aluminum rail atop the receiver and has a bolt with a 70-degree throw for easily clearing a scope.

4. Increased-Capacity Mags

Want more than a flush-fitting magazine for the rifle? Thankfully, Ruger had the foresight to design the rifle to accept the company’s already-established Mini-Thirty magazine design. This means to you can get factory mags in 5-, 10- and even 20-round capacities.

5. Ready for Accessories

In case you want to suppress, brake or flash suppress your Ranch rifle, it is easy as it comes standard from the factory with a threaded (and capped) muzzle. And that barrel is cold hammer forged for outstanding accuracy.

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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons To Buy Ruger’s “Ranch-Thirty”

  1. Johnnie Kizer

    I purchased a Mini 30 and was extremely disappointed when it would NOT fire ANY ammo but American made. The main reason I bought it was to shoot cheap ammo for fun and American for hunting and defense. I hope the bolt action one will live up to firing the cheaper ammo.

  2. Old Gringo

    Actually, it is those of us who already have AK, ARs, and mini-thirties that will buy this gun. I like all of them including my 300 Blk, but the bolt gun in the caliber just makes sense. I have killed 100 plus deer with the 30-06, 308, and others. But when I shot my first big deer with my mini-thirty I was hooked. Now that we have had thousands of guys kill deer with the smaller 300, we know the much harder hitting 7.62 x 39, is a winner. Mine shot completely thru and huge deer and left an exit would about 2 inches, about the same as my 30-06. The fact that I can use my mini30 mags makes this a sweet deal. Now if Ruger will just team up with Hornady to make some subsonic ammo, they will sell even more. That threaded barrel is worthless without factory made ammo for it, yes I load my own, but most people now do not.

    1. John Dieter

      If you already own an AK or AR how can you keep the special magazines the Ruger requires separate from the others? So you have AK mags, AR mags, mini 30 mags, mini14 mags – etc… This is ALL Ruger rifles fatal flaw. Out in the bush, grab a mag, and THEN find out you brought the wrong ones.

    1. John F

      That’s true, but quality scope’s rarely break. I guess you could carry a small red dot as a backup, already sighted in of course.

  3. Spanky

    Glad to see that they got rid of the crappy POS rotory magazine with this rifle, wish they would offer an upgrade fix on the others to accept a good box magazine I’d absolutely go for that.

  4. Jed A. Peeler

    Ruger should have designed the rifle to take standard AK-47 type magazines. People that already have a lot of these magazines do not want to have to buy different magazines for just one rifle.

  5. John

    I agree with a previous poster that it should have iron sights one of the things about throwing a rifle in your backseat is that you don’t want to have to worry about Optics. Put some iron sights on this thing with the option of a scout rail and you would have a winner

  6. John Dieter

    But best of all, it uses standard off the shelf AK magazines! Just like the Mini-14 uses standard m16 mags. Oh wait… No they don’t. One time I bought a mini-14 – as soon as I got home and found out it needed special magazines that I would get confused with the 20 or 30 m16 mags I already had, I took it back and got my money back. damned shame these FINE rifles suffer from such a STUPID flaw.

  7. Tbone

    Had an idea while reading about the sights. Machine something for the front threaded barrel then a mag pull on the pictiny rail


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