Too Many Bullets?

The “Why” Of High-Capacity Magazines

Since the Tucson atrocity, many have attacked your right to own normal- to high-capacity magazines. Consider the good reasons for keeping them.

The January 2011 atrocity in Tucson, Ariz., focused the more clueless pundits on “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines” yet again. In days, legislation was introduced in Washington to ban anything that could fire over 10 rounds before reloading. Psycho killer Jared Loughner reportedly used a 33-round magazine in the Glock 19 he was able to legally acquire because his lunatic behavior had slipped through society’s cracks.

First, some clarification. The 33-rounder for the G19 is a true “extended magazine,” that is, lengthened to protrude from the butt of the pistol so it can hold more cartridges than the model was originally designed for. The first case I can recall of criminal use of such devices goes back to the early 1930s, and lengthened 1911 magazines for .45s and .38 Supers converted to machine pistols for Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger by outlaw gunsmith Hyman Lebman. Think about it: how many such cases have you seen in between that, and Loughner’s murderous spree?

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2 thoughts on “Too Many Bullets?

  1. Evan Wicha

    Well it seems to me that back in the days of John Dillinger, it would have been more likely that he would have gotten shot at. nowadays a lot of people think that as soon as someone starts shooting the police magically show up; but if everyone knows that everyone else is armed it would seem to be less likely that someone would try something like what happened in Tucson.

    1. Jim Macklin

      The Tucson shooting was at a venue that was not likely to have an armed person actually THERE. There were armed people nearby, maybe 50-100 yards. But the rally was children and old folks.
      There was no watcher to see the stalk and approach and give warning, Public meetings by public figures should have somebody watching the crowd, not watching the speaker.
      No state has more than 5% with a CCW/CCH license and many of those don’t carry all the time. Some don’t carry at all, they just wanted to know the law.
      There are rules to follow; where to sit, where are the exits, where is cover, where will the threat come, etc.
      See a threat, call 911 and take whatever action, even if you are unarmed, shout a verbal warning, maybe someone else is armed but watch the wrong direction. Watch hands and look for the stalking behavior, guy trying to blend in while being furtive.


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