Tommy Fun Gun

A ScottWerx Thompson kit neatly transforms the Ruger 10/22.

For the excellent Ruger 10/22 carbine, there have been several “conversion kits” to change its appearance. I had one I obtained many years ago, that made it, cosmetically, into a German MG42. It even had a nice bipod at the front. A lot of fun, but actually a bit cumbersome in handling. Now there is a new kit in this category and it is outstanding in many ways.

Designed by Craig Scott, it transforms a Ruger 10/22 into a Thompson SMG. Two versions are offered: The Chicago for an FBI/Gangster look, and the Squad Leader for a resemblance to the old US Military gun. The Squad Leader has, of course, a straight horizontal fore-end, while the Chicago has a vertical fore-grip. There are a few other small differences.

Before installing the ScottWerx kit on my 10/22, I had to first get the basic gun out of its MG42 ensemble. The original instructions were lost long ago, so this proved to be an interesting endeavor. When it was finally out, I remembered Ruger once offered a replacement barrel that was a couple of inches shorter than the 18.5″ original. Do they, still? Yes. I sent for one.
Story By: J.B. Wood

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  1. James Sova

    I was telling my son about this over the phone from my magazine. Went to your web site and was able to send him the article. Thanks for being able to do that. Jim Sova


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