Time Speed And Targets!

How To Hit Quickly, And With Accuracy.

Having been in the training business for a while now, there are a few things which might prove helpful to the average or new shooter in regards to practice techniques.

The goal in training, of course, is to approximate as closely as possible the realities of conflict without actually killing off the client base during training. Without starting WWIII for the editor, the “shooting past people’s heads” and “run and gun flaming death” stuff is of course exciting, but then again arguably it can often be dangerous—especially if not done correctly by trained people.

“Trained” here is subject to interpretation like, “I was in the Army for 10 years.” It’s cool, but it doesn’t mean they can teach anymore than it means if you’ve got a car you can drive. Not to be ugly, but lots of folks have been killed in “fake” ammo drills that were not, and think back to all the people you have heard of killed by unloaded guns that weren’t.

A tremendous issue in shooting, like in self-defense is speed. Speed defined in shooting is hard to clarify because it means so many different things to different people or applications. Speed is probably most often thought of purely in a timed, “I am faster than you” gig. Rightly so, in competition we reward the person who shoots fast but historically, and, correctly so, speed needs to be balanced with accuracy. In layman’s terms, if you shot first or a lot and don’t hit zip, who cares? If all you needed was noise, you can chunk firecrackers at a threat. If you wanna scare them, get a big dog.

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