Proper Bait?

What shooter in their right mind could pass on such a clever set-up? The ingredients are all there, a vintage rifle of German descent, a large bag of ammunition, steel silhouette targets, not to mention a mountain side of rocks, boulders and dead trees to shoot at. The steel is set at 75 meters, while the other targets of opportunity vary anywhere from 500 to 600 yards away.

White powder-dust erupts from the many rocks “way out yonder” after being struck by gunfire. One in particular, affectionately called Banana Rock, has been hailed upon for decades with lead. Roughly the size of a VW Bug, the large boulder is about 600 yards away, depending on where you’re standing on the firing line.

The bombardment of bullets, usually in the form of big-bore homegrown cast bullets from these salty-sort of shooters has nibbled away at the dimensions of the fabled “rock.”