The Tip-Top “Topper”

More Than An Entry-Level Trap Gun

Coming off the trap line, he was grinning from ear-to-ear. My shooting partner, Alan Fausher, had just shot a perfect first round with H&R’s Topper Trap model. “You know,” he said, “I shoot Perazzi and Krieghoff trap guns, but I can’t say they perform any better than this little H&R Topper. Yes, it’s too light, not long enough, but it comes up really, really nice. The person who designed this trap gun was a trap shooter. He knew what he was building. Can you imagine what a joy it would be for a 12-year old getting their hands on a neat, entry-level trap gun like this?” My thoughts exactly.

When the Topper Trap gun was first handed to me two years ago on a shoot hosted by Remington during the annual SHOT Show, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. Twenty-five clays later, I was top man with a clean score, and I immediately became fascinated with the design and thought incorporated into this remarkable and remarkably inexpensive shotgun. Because of production delays, I’ve waited two years to report on the Topper, but the wait’s been worth it.

That same day, when Fausher and I were shooting at Tucson’s ultra-modern Trap and Skeet Club, avid trap shooting members would come up and say, “Where’d you get that gun?” My response was always, “Would you like to shoot a round with it?” The H&R Topper Trap got a workout that day. The resulting response from seasoned trap shooters changed from highly skeptical to consistently positive. What was interesting was how well this factory, out-of-the-box, single shot fit everyone.

Now, less you think an inexpensive single shot can’t be competitive, let me remind the shotgunning clan that a plain, break-open, exposed hammer, single-shot Winchester Model 37 was used to win the 16-yard class championship at the 1938 Grand American. That Model 37 had none of the bells-and-whistles H&R has built into their new Topper Trap. Let’s take a look.

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