The Robar Ruger LC9

Custom With Purpose.

One of the few benefits of piling up a lot of years on the calendar is being an eyewitness to history. History is mostly a cavalcade of change, sometimes positive, too often negative, but the one thing we can always say about change is simply that it always is; everything touched by the hand of man changes and there is simply no way to escape that fact.

For the past few weeks I have been shooting and enjoying a very different Ruger LC9 from the one I reviewed in the August 2011 issue. This is a Robar-ized Ruger, a perfect example of a good semi-automatic made even better. Before we look at the Robar Ruger lets review the original Ruger LC9. Taking a close look at the LC9 we find a semi-automatic pistol with a 3″ barrel, weighing 17 ounces. The slide is steel while the frame is typical “black plastic” or, more correctly, polymer/glass-filled nylon with integral grip panels. Both the backstrap and frontstrap have molded in checkering as do both sides of the grip area all of which makes for a secure hold.

The sights are excellent, black with a square-notch rear mated up with a post front and are of the 3-dot configuration and quite easy to see. Both the front and rear sight are set in dovetails and thus can be adjusted for windage while the rear sight is also screw adjustable for elevation.

Both the thumb safety and magazine release are located on the left side and there is a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide. This is basically a double-action pistol and although fairly easy to operate, my trigger finger did take a minor beating while firing a long string of test ammunition. Trigger pull as measured on my Brownells High-Range Trigger Tension Scale is just under 5-1/2 pounds. There is no second strike capability and if the pistol fails to fire it is necessary to work the slide to re-cock the hammer or chamber a new round.
By John Taffin
Photos By Joseph R. Novelozo

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