The Best ACOG Yet?

I have lots of trigger-time with Trijicon’s ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) optics, and hold ’em in high regard. They’re always clear, sharp, rugged and their fiber optic and tritium dual-illumination system is outstanding. But when I picked up the new TA11-G I noted it’s longer and heavier than my 4×32 TA31RCO compact, so what’s the big deal? Two minutes later I stopped, lowered the carbine and asked myself, “Whoa! Could this be the best ACOG yet?”

The TA11-G 3.5×35 ACOG offers faster target acquisition, more eye relief, superior close-range performance and brighter light gathering as the payoff for the greater weight and size.

Compared to the compacts, you get faster target acquisition, more eye relief, superior close-range performance and brighter light gathering—that’s the payoff for the weight and size difference.

Briefly, the TA11-G is a 3.5×35 ACOG designed to operate as effectively at almost muzzle-contact distance as it does out to 800 meters, with faster pick-up and a significantly brighter, bolder reticle than its senior cousins. Rather than using a red or amber chevron or cross-hairs, the reticle on the G is a brilliant green donut—a thick circle, which hovers atop the familiar black-line bullet drop compensating “post.” It’s calibrated for 5.56mm.

That donut is extremely bright! The human eye “acquires” bright green faster than any other color; for example, when red and green reticles are illuminated at the same power levels, green can appear up to 25 times brighter. The G really illustrates that.

The donut is 4 MOA in outside diameter—perfect for quick ranging—and the “hole” is 2.2 MOA. At close range the donut seems more clearly defined than a typical, fat red dot, and at longer ranges the donut-versus-dot means you won’t be “masking” a significant chunk of your target.

This one’s as good for the game-getter as it is for a grunt. Find a supplier where you can visually compare it with, say, a TA31-F. Retail is $1,502.
By John Connor

Trijicon, Inc.
49385 Shafer Avenue
P.O. Box 930059
Wixom, MI 48393 USA
(800) 338-0563

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