The .300 Weatherby Magnum

No Longer The “King Of .30s,” This Powerhouse Is Still A Capable Round

Until recently, the .300 Weatherby held the reputation as the most powerful .30-caliber Magnum in existence. It was so famous (or notorious, take your pick) that its reputation often exceeded ballistic reality.

Many years ago, I was a guide on a ranch in central Montana. One year, during mule deer season, my client, a guy named Tom, was one of those globetrotters who’d hunted many places, from Alaska to Africa. There were three other guys in camp, all from the same small town in Michigan, and the only place they’d ever hunted outside the Upper Peninsula was this very ranch in Montana.

Late one evening, everybody was sitting around talking and the conversation drifted to hunting rifles. It turned out all the fellows from Michigan were shooting 7mm Remington Magnums. The leader of their pack even made the comment that they all used to hunt with .30-06s, but the Big Seven “made the ought-six look sick.”

I shrugged. “It’s a good round, but not exceptionally powerful.”

The guy raised an eyebrow and asked, “So, do you use something bigger?”

“Sometimes. Lately I’ve been hunting with a .338 Winchester Magnum quite a bit.”

The guy nodded. His buddies didn’t even blink, perhaps because of the hour, and perhaps because of several Budweisers. The guy then turned toward Tom. “So what do you use in Alaska?”

“Well, the last time I hunted brown bear, I used a .300 Weatherby.”

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