The 2013 Guns Christmas Gift Guide

A Big ol’ Grab-Bag Of Great Gear!

Pull up the easy chair and break out papers and pens, boys and girls, because it’s time to do some Christmas shopping! I’ve already done the hard part—playin’ with (we call it “testing & evaluating”) these gadgets and gizmos, and now all you have to do is match ’em up with your family members and friends. Ho-ho-ho and happy hunting!


Nothin’ says, “I care about your sorry hide” better than a good survival kit like this one from Echo-Sigma Emergency Systems. It’s compact—the shotgun shell is there for scale only—but chock full of necessities like a compass, whistle, lighter, emergency blanket, magnesium fire starter with flint, waterproof matches and tinder, two chemical light sticks and more, in a tough zippered case. Price is $49.99.

Brass Mower/Seeds And Such Inc.

The Brass Mower is an absolutely outstanding gift for any shooter! Works like a charm, picking up empty brass from .22s through rifle calibers, on concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, dirt and even busted-up nasty West Texas caliche. I had seen it in ads and dismissed it as a gimmick, but then my son gave me one and woke me up! The Brass Mower comes with a wire “unloader” which clips to a bucket and empties out brass with a push. I’ve given four as gifts to other crippled-up shooters and they love ’em. Get the 3- to 6-foot telescoping model for only $56—and don’t wait until you or they have a splintered spine!

Ontario Knife Company

A ton of input from hard-core hunters went into the International Hunter from Ontario Knife Company. Short of a bone saw and a small hatchet, it ought to handle all field dressing and skinning needs for just about any North American game from bunny-small to bullmoose-large. Both the folder and the guthook-equipped fixed blade have sturdy 3-inch blades of 7CR17 stainless steel and tough handle scales of checkered G10 for a sure grip even when wet or bloody. A double nylon sheath is included. Shop around and you can find it for under $30.


Last year lots of you guys bought and gave Kakadu Australia’s excellent concealed carry vests, and this year it’s the ladies’ turn. New for 2013, Kakadu has introduced a full line of their Gunn-Worn garments cut and tailored especially for women. Both the Bonnie vest and Kimberly jacket shown feature fully suspended dual holster pockets for carrying comfort, full linings and high-quality materials and workmanship. Prices range from $139 to $199. Check out the whole lineup at their website and pick a winner!


For that special someone who never has a flashlight when they need one—and borrows yours—the TAC-550B flashlight kit by NightStick runs on either the included rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, or, using an insertable carrier which you can pre-load, two standard CR123 lithium batteries. Since you get both AC and DC setups for the charger, there’s no excuse to ever have a dead light. The single tailcap “smart switch” cycles through three illumination levels—200, 125 and 65 lumens—and instantly activates a 180-lumen strobe. The LED is by Cree, and the aircraft aluminum case is anodized and waterproofed. Yeah, you might want one for yourself too. It’s a great buy for the bucks at just under $100.


Imagine a compact, flat-folding, lightweight outdoor any-fuel cooking system that’s easily set up, taken down, cleaned, and will support over 100 pounds. Interested? SlatGrills has you covered. The 1.4-pound titanium Summit shown here allows you to cook over a white gas stove, propane, alcohol and kerosene burners, charcoal, even a fire made from twigs and pine cones. You never have to worry about it collapsing or turning over, and it packs down to less than 1-inch thick and 4×9 inches in a zippered canvas case. The Scout model is all stainless steel and weighs only 2.8 pounds. Prices run $89.95 to $199.95.

Sentry Solutions

For the hard user of knives and tools, the Gear Care Kit from Sentry Solutions is a fine and useful gift. Inside the nice hinged metal tin are a treated Tuf-Cloth and a dispenser of Tuf-Glide for superior oil-free lubrication and protection, an array of applicators and a GATCO Super-Micro knife sharpener. Handy in the field as well as on the workbench, it lists for $23.99.

Solar Components LLC

If your giftee has the gadgets, this puppy has the juice: The JOOS Orange solar charger captures up to 20 times more energy than other solar chargers and powers up iPhones, iPads, GPS gear, tablets, MP3 players, many cameras and radios and more, fast. Simple to use? Yup. Just point it toward the sun, use the built-in adjustable legs to angle it, plug in your device and it starts charging. You can even pre-charge its tank from your home computer before taking off for Bamboola. Made tough for daily outdoor use, compact and waterproof, it costs about $150; cheap life insurance for wanderers off the grid!

Forester Industries LLC

For those trips to the gravel pit or to the range where you find some mallethead has shot all the target uprights to kindling, check out Forester Target Stands. The incredibly tough 5-piece FS24 is made from plastic resins and recycled forestry products so it doesn’t rust or rot and reduces ricochet hazards. Just whack it together with the included mallet, use its clips to attach cardboard or corrugated-plastic backers, and commence fire! Two base sizes and an extra set of 5-foot uprights are included too. The FS24 is only $45, or, order the FS24 Range Starter Kit, get five target stands, and cross off half of the shootin’ buddies on your Christmas list!


For both outdoor pursuits and emergency situations, the new Siege Lantern by Streamlight makes a terrific gift. Compact, rugged and versatile, it uses three D-cell alkaline batteries powering four C4 LEDs to deliver 340 lumens on high, 175 on medium and 10 on low, plus a red LED night vision-preserving mode and SOS flash. Stand it upright or hang it from integral D-rings on top and bottom. And it’s waterproof—and it floats! Shop around, because I’ve found it offered from $35 to $50!

Simple Shot Shooting Sports

When we introduced you to the cool slingshots made by Nathan Masters of Simple Shot, he was flooded with orders from GUNS readers. Since then he’s discovered another great use for ’em: They’re perfect for placing splattering ScentBurst .68-caliber game attractants—similar to paintballs, but loaded with essence of acorn, anise, apple, cedar, corn and doe-in-heat Buck Lure—without approaching on foot and contaminating the site with human scent. Smart, huh? There are also coyote urine balls for repelling varmints, brothers-in-law, and politicians… And note: ScentBurst is often legal where actual baiting is not. A Sampler Pack of 10 shots of each scent is $33.60, and check for bundle deals including one of Nathan’s Scout or Axiom slingshots for more savings.

NeverLost Gear

You know who needs this: Their tribal name should be “Falls in Rivers and Loses Stuff.” The NeverLost Outdoor Gun Case snuggles a long gun and extra barrel, and includes a Dry Vault section providing waterproof protection for mobile phones, licenses, wallets etc. The high quality case itself is made with an 840D nylon body with a PVC backing and 500D Tarpaulin bottom for durability. The distinctive orange and black appearance is visible at over a 1/2 mile. It lists for $160, and if your giftee ain’t that great a pal, give ’em a NeverLost License Pocket for only $9.56!
By John Connor

NightStick Bayco Products, Inc.
640 S Sanden Blvd.
Wylie, TX 75098
(800) 233-2155

Brass Mower / Seeds and Such Inc.
P.O. Box 81
Bedford, IN 47421
(888) 321-9445

16022 Arminta St., Ste. 6
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Forester Industries LLC
713 E Austin Blvd.
Nevada, MO 64772
(888) 836-7378

Kakadu Traders Australia, Inc.
12832 N.E. Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230
(800) 852-5288

Ontario Knife Company
P.O. Box 145
Franklinville, NY 14737
(800) 222-5233

NeverLost Gear
Redring USA LLC
100 Mill Plain Rd., Box 71
Danbury, CT 06811
(203) 546-3511

Sentry Solutions LLC
P.O. Box 214
Wilton, NH 03086
(800) 546-8049 LLC
1769 Lexington Ave. N.,
Ste. 333
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 587-4984

Solar Components LLC
1725 S. Bascom Ave., Ste. 216
Campbell, CA 95008

Simple Shot Shooting Sports
1465 Sand Hill Rd., Ste. 1014
Candler, NC 28715

30 Eagleville Rd.
Eagleville, PA 19403
(800) 523-7488

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    That brass mower is cool! Someone finally reinvented the pecan picker in a smaller size for us shootin’ folks. Works great with pecans, looks like it works great for brass, too!


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