That’s “Mister Satu” To You!

Grayman Knives New Tactical Folder Commands Respect

Mister Satu has arrived. Officially known as Satu, what you see here is the first offering of a tactical folder by Grayman Knives. We first covered this company in the March/April 2011 issue of American Handgunner, noting without hesitation that owner Mike Grayman makes some pretty mean, no-nonsense knives. When size matters, the Satu hits a grand slam. The handle is 5.5″ in length, designed with nice hand-fitting curves and a deep fingergroove. The scale on the front side is sturdy textured G10 composite over a 1/16″ Titanium liner. The backside is a beefy 1/8″ Titanium rail with a built-in frame-lock, one of the strongest blade lockers ever made. Fully employed, Satu sprawls out to a noticeable 9.8″.

The Satu sports a large 4″ re-curved drop-point blade made of premium Crucible Industries S30V stainless steel bead blasted to a deep gray finish. The blade has a deep 1″ hollow grind for excellent slice with a swedge grin on the backside for improved penetration. Dual thumb studs will please right-handers and southpaws alike. On the spine is a full 2.5″ of thumb notching, providing enhanced grip in the normal holding position or choked up on the blade. On the backside is a 2″ Titanium pocket clip and a lanyard hole in the base adds further options.

To say the Satu could handle heavy chores is an understatement. The overwhelming majority of knives with 4″ blades won’t excel at chopping, but the overall weight of the Satu and its 3/16″ steel blade add more than enough heft to do so. This is a knife that will be comfortable to a large person with big hands, instill great confidence to one with average sized mitts, and will feel like a hand axe to those with small paws. In essence, Satu is a beast. It’s built like a brick outhouse. It’s 10 ounces of no mercy. Mike Grayman wouldn’t have it any other way. Priced at $375, the Satu is a whale of a knife for the money.

Knife: Satu
Maker: Grayman Knives
P.O. Box 50, PMB 132
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
Blade material: Crucible S30V
Blade length: 4″, hollow ground
Overall length: 9.8″
Weight: 10 ounces
Handle: Titanium and G10
Carry: Pocket clip
Price: $375, Black

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