“That’s An Awesome Wife!”

And She Is

About midway through 2010, I was working away at this word processor when Yvonne came into my office. Without preamble she said, “If I cash in some of my stocks would you invest the money in more machine guns?” Yvonne remembers my response as an excited “You bet!” I remember it being more sedate like, “Well, if that’s what you really want to do I could probably help you find some good collectible ones.”

Yvonne and I are not rich, but back in the 1990s she inherited a modest amount of stocks from the estate of a great aunt. A couple of years ago when the stock market did its big flip-flop, her portfolio (I’m not even sure exactly what that is) lost about half its value. When it climbed back to where it had been, she surprised me with the above question. Her idea was to invest in something a bit more tangible than stocks.

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