Tac-Grip Musclecomp

Tac-Grip has a new and very effective rifle compensator called the MuscleComp. The sample shown here is the 5.56 model on an AR-style rifle. There’s also a 7.62 model. Both are made in the USA.

The MuscleComp is machined from 10-45 stainless steel. The 5.56 version is threaded to the AR standard 1/2×28 tpi. Assuming your AR barrel is threaded, installation is straightforward. If you don’t have the proper wrenches or knowledge it’s best to have a gunsmith do the work, which shouldn’t be particularly arduous or expensive.

A shooting buddy who is trained in building and maintaining AR rifles fitted the MuscleComp on a super accurate (1/2 MOA) Wilson Combat. Accuracy after installation of the comp was unaffected.

The comp proved very effective in controlling muzzle rise. An AR in .223 doesn’t really have much muzzle rise, and high-speed photo sequences showed the MuscleComp virtually eliminated what muzzle rise there was.

From the shooter’s aspect the sight picture shows no muzzle jump. On fast strings of fire speed is limited only by how quickly the trigger can be manipulated. The MuscleComp is well designed, well made, and it works. The price is $139.99.

Tac-Grip LLC
P.O. Box 1353, Dallas, GA 30132
(877) 800-9705
By Dave Anderson

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