Survival Steel!

TOPS Knives’ BOB Fieldcraft
Knife Is Ready To Go Out And
Tame The Wilderness.

Around five or so years ago the Bushcraft movement appeared on the cutlery radar and industry insiders mused whether it was a passing fancy or would catch fire. Bushcraft is all about surviving and thriving in the bush using learned skills, many of which revolve around the knife. The majority of Bushcrafters chose to pattern their knives after Scandinavian designs, such as the Finnish puukko, which were hard-use knives employed by woodworkers and fishermen. The movement has now become quite popular and most of the large cutlery concerns have Bushcraft knives in their stable.

TOPS owner Mike Fuller gave the Brothers of Bushcraft—a coalition of Bushcraft experts—free rein to design the ultimate knife of the genre, and they delivered the BOB Fieldcraft knife. BOB’s 4.5-inch blade sports a flat Scandi grind, modified with a thin secondary bevel, of 1095 high-carbon steel—known for its ease of sharpening in the field. The handle is of grippy Canvas Micarta, which retains a good amount of traction even when wet. The handle also features a bow drill divot in the handle, a notch in the backside of the base for striking ferrocerium fire steels, and a generous hollow aluminum tube pin in the base for a lanyard.

In my experiences, very few knives with 4.5-inch blades can chop with the gusto needed for shelter building simply because the blade steel isn’t thick enough to give the knife the weight it needs to put backbone into the process. TOPS BOB solves that with beefy 3/16-inch steel, which contributes to the BOB’s 9.0-ounce heft. This knife will chop. The BOB comes with a Kydex sheath equipped with a combo magnesium/ferrocerium fire steel attached, so you can hit the wild running. At $169.95 you get a lot of knife for the money, and with it, TOPS Knives’ reputation for making top some of the hardest working knives on the planet.
By Pat Covert

BOB Fieldcraft
Maker: Tops Knives

P.O. Box 2544
Idaho Falls, ID 83403
(208) 542-0113

Steel type: 1095 high-carbon steel
Blade length: 4.5 inches
Overall length: 10 inches
Weight: 9.0 ounces
Handle: Canvas Micarta
Carry: Kydex with fire starter (leather optional)
Price: $169.95

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