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2015 GUNS Magazine Special Edition of Vintage and Classic Firearms Available Now

Inside This GIANT 180 page Special Edition:

Browning Hi-Power — JMB’s “Other” Pistol.

Resurrecting An Uzi — “The Mother Of All Handguns.”

Big Fifty — Our First 1/2-Inch Military Caliber.

Soviet PSH-41 — A Russian Military Icon.

RPK Squad — Automatic Weapon An Underappreciated Masterpiece.


Colt 1911 — A Legend And So Much More.

The Thompson — An American Icon.

Time Travel And Resurrecting The Dead — World War Supply Transports You.


Shooting Grandpa’s Broomhandle — Mauser C96.

VZ2008 (VZ58) — A Modern-Made Piece Of History.

STG44 — A Radical Rimfire Rendition.

SAS Combat Dagger — The Untold Story Of The UK-SFK.

A Hero Of WWII — The Mosin-Nagant M91/30.

Tang Sights — The “Sign Of A Serious Marksman.”

The French Berthier — The World’s Ugliest Battle Rifle.

Return Of The Old Favorite … Almost — Field Testing A .22 WRM Classic.

Smith & Wesson — N-Frames The Early Years.

Rugged Rugers — A Look Back At The Influence Of Ruger’s Rifles.

The Most Famous Rifle Of Texas! Recreating Colonel Crockett’s Rifle At The Battle Of The Alamo.

American Military Rifle Cartridges — The US Government Arsenals Created Our Most Enduring Rounds.

The Lepage Target Pistols — From An Elegent Era Of Paper-Punching.

Spain’s FR-8 — What’s A Country To Do With Its Old Bolt-Action Rifles?

Factory Letters — Some Surprises May Await You.

My Favorite Military Rifle — US Model 1903A3

Black Powder Cartridge Pistols — Capable Of Delivering Power, Precision And Reliability.

NAA Boot Guns — When First And Second Choices Aren’t Practical.

Peacemaker Specialists — Crafting Fighting SAA’s.

The Gun Show Blues — If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Should You Cast Bullets? — Yes. No. Well, Maybe…

Western Movies Live! Righteous Guns And Gear.

Military .22s — Lots Of Fun To Collect And Shoot.

The Paterson Colt Revolver — This 5-Shooter Kick-Started The 6-Shooter Era.

Surplus Training Ammo — 4,800 Fps With A 1903 Springfield!

Loading Paper-Patch Bullets — A Timeless Rx For Lead Fouling.

Bison Hunting — It’s Not What You Think.

The Foundlings — Which Sleeping Dogs Should Be Left To Lie?

Print Edition Sold Out

Purchase and Download PDF Edition NOW

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