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2015 GUNS Magazine Special Edition of Vintage and Classic Firearms Available Now

Inside This GIANT 180 page Special Edition:

Browning Hi-Power — JMB’s “Other” Pistol.

Resurrecting An Uzi — “The Mother Of All Handguns.”

Big Fifty — Our First 1/2-Inch Military Caliber.

Soviet PSH-41 — A Russian Military Icon.

RPK Squad — Automatic Weapon An Underappreciated Masterpiece.


Colt 1911 — A Legend And So Much More.

The Thompson — An American Icon.

Time Travel And Resurrecting The Dead — World War Supply Transports You.


Shooting Grandpa’s Broomhandle — Mauser C96.

VZ2008 (VZ58) — A Modern-Made Piece Of History.

STG44 — A Radical Rimfire Rendition.

SAS Combat Dagger — The Untold Story Of The UK-SFK.

A Hero Of WWII — The Mosin-Nagant M91/30.

Tang Sights — The “Sign Of A Serious Marksman.”

The French Berthier — The World’s Ugliest Battle Rifle.

Return Of The Old Favorite … Almost — Field Testing A .22 WRM Classic.

Smith & Wesson — N-Frames The Early Years.

Rugged Rugers — A Look Back At The Influence Of Ruger’s Rifles.

The Most Famous Rifle Of Texas! Recreating Colonel Crockett’s Rifle At The Battle Of The Alamo.

American Military Rifle Cartridges — The US Government Arsenals Created Our Most Enduring Rounds.

The Lepage Target Pistols — From An Elegent Era Of Paper-Punching.

Spain’s FR-8 — What’s A Country To Do With Its Old Bolt-Action Rifles?

Factory Letters — Some Surprises May Await You.

My Favorite Military Rifle — US Model 1903A3

Black Powder Cartridge Pistols — Capable Of Delivering Power, Precision And Reliability.

NAA Boot Guns — When First And Second Choices Aren’t Practical.

Peacemaker Specialists — Crafting Fighting SAA’s.

The Gun Show Blues — If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Should You Cast Bullets? — Yes. No. Well, Maybe…

Western Movies Live! Righteous Guns And Gear.

Military .22s — Lots Of Fun To Collect And Shoot.

The Paterson Colt Revolver — This 5-Shooter Kick-Started The 6-Shooter Era.

Surplus Training Ammo — 4,800 Fps With A 1903 Springfield!

Loading Paper-Patch Bullets — A Timeless Rx For Lead Fouling.

Bison Hunting — It’s Not What You Think.

The Foundlings — Which Sleeping Dogs Should Be Left To Lie?

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2014 Print Edition Sold Out. PDF Download Edition Still Available!

Inside The GUNS Magazine Surplus, Vintage & Classic
Special Edition Summer/Fall 2014

The GUNS Magazine Surplus Special Edition provides
an in depth look at vintage, military, classics,
reproduction guns and accessories that appeal to
every gun collector, history buff and gun enthusiasts.


doublegunTHE DOUBLE GUN — The Side-By-Side Shotguns.

RETURN OF THE M40 SCOUT SNIPER — The Marine’s Remington 700.

THE BUFFALO HUNTERS AND THEIR RIFLES — Image Polishing & Myth Busting.

SPINNING THE WHEEL — Taffin’s Top 10 Tips For Smoking With The Double-Action Sixguns.

THE GUN WITHIN — What Characteristics Make A Gun A Keeper.


militaTHE OTHER COLT SINGLE ACTIONS — The Many Variations Of The Popular Revolver.

“THE BULLET HOSE” — PPSH-41 Submachine Gun.

BERETTA GOES WEST — New Models From Uberti.

MR K’S YUGO — The Ubiquitous Opposition Rifle.


THE SCHUETZEN RIFLE — Made For The Gentlemanly Sport Of 200-Yard Target Shooting.

EUROPE DISCOVERS THE CARTRIDGE — The American Civil War Spurs Worldwide Firearm Development.

doubleCIMARRON’S CENTENNIAL MODEL — The Winchester 1876 .45-60 Is Reborn.

HULL STUFFIN’ — Shoot More Cowboy Loads For Less And Better.

TAYLOR & CO. SPENCER .56-50 — The Indian War’s Version Of Our Military’s First Good Repeater.

BATTLEFIELD TACK DRIVER — The Model 1903 Springfield In WW1.

BRITAIN’S BIG .577 SNIPER — One Of The Great Fun Guns Of The Surplus World.

HUNTING HANDLOADS-THE OLD TIMEY WAY — Black Powder Cartridges Harvest Deer And Elk Just Fine.


DAISY SAGA — Still Going Strong After Nearly 120 Years.

SIGHT CRANKIN’ — You Can Do This At Home.

GUN GIVEAWAY — Bravo Company Manufacturing Giveaway.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!

SURPLUS LOCKER ARTICLES: By Holt Bodinson/ MONTANA MUSINGS ARTICLES: By Mike “Duke” Venturino — Hot new products you must have!

RESOURCE GUIDE — Catalog Of Surplus Guns, Uniforms, Ammunition And Accessories.

Plus much more; 178 Pages Of Surplus, Vintage & Classic Gun Articles. Includes New Products You Must Have! Gun Giveaway; GUNS Surplus 2014 Resource Guide.

Printed Issue Sold Out!
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Of The GUNS Magazine Surplus issue!


This Special Edition Has Even More Surplus, Vintage & Classic Guns!

Inside The GUNS Magazine Surplus, Vintage & Classic 2013 Special Edition Summer/Fall

THE AMERICAN EXCALIBUR: Jim Bowie’s Lethal Legacy.

CAPLOCK REVOVLERS: Now In The Third Millennium.

GUNS OF THE LATE UNPLEASENTNESS: Arms Of The Cavalry And Artilery.

CIMARRON CARTRIDGE CONVERSIONS:: Replicas, Better Than The Orginals.

THE REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK: The Other American Buffalo Rifle.

WINNERS OF LOSERS? It’s 1880. Which Repeating Rifle Would You Buy?

AUTO RETRO: USFA Steps Into The 20th Century.


ITALY’S MANNLICHER-CARCANO: A Good Rifle With A Bad Reputation.

THE 1905 COLT .45 ACP:This Dead End Begat A Legend.

A “SPECIAL” BIRTHDAY! The .44 Special Turns 100.

ITALIAN SHOULDER ARMS OF WWII: The Italians Turn Desperate.

WWI CLASSIC RETUNRS: Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 ACP.

FEEDING OLD MILITARY RIFLES: Get Them Shooting – Accurately.

CONFESSIONS OF A CAST BULLET NERD! Don’t Bother Me – I’m Pouring Lead.

DEATH FROM AFAR: World War II Sniper Rifles In Europe.

Plus much more; 180 Pages Of Surplus, Vintage & Classic Gun Articles. Includes New Products You Must Have! Gun Giveaway; GUNS Surplus 2013 Resource Guide.

Order Your Printed Copy Now On Sale: $5.00
Download PDF Edition Now Only $4
  1. Charles Berry says:

    Spring/Summer issue ” Great” Read it cover to cover
    Question ? Where were the images of WW1 manniquins in uniform Austrian, German, US , and French from? Your own sources or a Museum? Just curious. Great reference. Can’t wait til next issue

  2. I really enjoyed the new Surplus magazine. I have two requests: 1) I would like to be able to suscribe to Surplus. 2) I would like to be able to download a digital edition like we can for Guns or American Handgunner.
    Thank you!!

  3. Where do I subscribe to “Surplus”? I’ve talked to Mike several and he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met, when it comes to milsurp. He is responsable for my addiction to collecting these fine weapons. Sign me up…Craig Snodgrass

  4. Wm. Dayman says:

    Great addition. Cannot wait until the next issue comes out.
    Being a member of the COFF (Canadian Old Farts Foundation) I really enjoy these Surplus Issues.

  5. thomas wells says:

    just got summer/fall edition of surplus firearms. Why are so many of the listed suppliers no longer carrying the featured firearms? Specifically Gibbs and Beretta no longer have the rifles or handguns featured!

  6. T.Kampert says:

    Been looking for “Surplus” in stores and book racks all over the place…still have not found it. Where can I get a copy..or..subscribe?

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