EXCLUSIVE: Stand Your Ground

By David Codrea.

Well I know what’s right, I got just one life… But I’ll stand my ground and I won’t back down—Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne.

Agenda-driven opportunists are in frenzied blood-dance mode following the shooting death of a Florida teenager. Due to the different races of the shooter, George Zimmerman, referred to by The New York Times as a “white Hispanic,” and the slain African-American youth, Trayvon Martin, the ugly element of racism has been injected into the debate and exploited to frightening proportions.

National “leaders” like Jesse Jackson have repeated the “No justice, no peace” mantra associated a generation earlier with the Los Angeles riots. Al Sharpton has escalated calls for “civil disobedience.” And the New Black Panther Party has put out a $10,000 bounty for the capture of Zimmerman—who, at this writing has been charged with no crime, making that kidnapping and the offer actionable under “Conspiracy against Rights” statutes—not that Eric Holder’s Justice Department has shown inclination to investigate anyone but the man claiming self-defense.

Irrelevant “celebrities” have also done their part to gin up mob frenzy. Director Spike Lee, of “Shoot [Charlton Heston] with a .44 Bulldog” notoriety, sent what he thought was Zimmerman’s home address to his 250,000 followers on the Twitter social media website, only to find out he had the wrong address and had terrorized an elderly couple out of their home. Not to be outdone, “comedienne” Roseanne Barr (endorsed by the Green Party Black Caucus for President) “tweeted” the address of Zimmerman’s parents.

Some “representatives” were quick to note a political gold mine. Sen. Chuck Schumer sent a letter to the Justice Department asking them to investigate “Stand Your Ground” laws. Former Black Panther and current Rep. Bobby Rush violated House rules by speaking to the chamber wearing a “hoodie” jacket—ironically, the headline “Hoodie-Wearing Gunmen Kill 1, Wound 5 in Bobby Rush’s Chicago District” appeared shortly thereafter. And H.RES.612 has been introduced “…urging the State of Florida and others to repeal the Stand Your Ground law…”

The Brady Campaign and their lesser clones also sensed a windfall, claiming “Weak gun laws killed Trayvon Martin.” A sympathetic media has been more than happy to do its talking point-parroting part, with all kinds of headlines blaming “Stand Your Ground,” even while it’s unclear at this writing if Florida’s law played any part in what has so far been regarded by authorities as self-defense. And while some maintain “justifiable homicides” have increased since the law was passed, they neglect to mention that there’s no real measurement to determine if the statute was invoked—and also fail to acknowledge that killings by police have also risen dramatically, and account for the majority of incidents.

What we’re seeing in terms of strategy on the part of doctrinaire anti-gunners is nothing new. They’ve always exploited anecdotal tragedies to whip up emotions, and then used that to go after our rights. The important thing here is not to be drawn into the racist hysteria, and to keep informed, engaged and on guard.

The important thing here is to stand your ground. And don’t back down.

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9 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Stand Your Ground

  1. larry allgood

    I think we,the gun owners,NRA, supporters of stand your ground laws, need to be very careful of the positions we take on this matter.
    To me, stand your ground means that you don’t have to retreat if someone threatens you. George zimmerman was following Martin in a car, called the police and was told to back off and that the police would handle things. Instead he ,at some point,exited his car and put himself in a confrontational position and then shot Martin. This doesn’t fit with “stand your ground” and this is what we need to be pointing out when the opportunists try to make this situation something it isn’t.

    1. JAH

      Sorry Larry. Your being 2 Faced here.
      You said: To me, stand your ground means that you don’t have to retreat if someone threatens you.
      Questioning someone about what they are doing, is no reason to be Assaulted by someone! Trayvon was on Top beating Mr. Zimmerman by I-Witness accounts. Self Defense against others should not require someone to Retreat from their agressor(s) if the person did not Throw the 1st. Blow.

      1. larry allgood

        Thank you so much for your attack on my personal integrity. I am so glad that you pointed out the errors in my thinking. I am glad to know that you have all the facts straight in this case. I am sure that if you just go to the judge in this case and explain that you personally know exactly how this all went down, that they can cancel the trail and poor innocent George can get on with his life. Maybe he can sue Martin’s parents for their sons unprovoked attack. P.S.learn to spell

        1. Carlos

          Wow, Larry it amazes me to see how well informed you and thousands of people like you are. It sad to see how neither you nor any of the thousands of ignorant followers, ever seem to question why Mr. Trayvon Martin was not in school and on a so called “vacation” considering there was no school vacations around the time of the shooting. Maybe it’s because you are so blinded by the racist card or maybe because you forget to take into account that the picture you see plastered all over the news is not of a 17yo Trayvon, but rather a 12yo Trayvon. Maybe, that’s why you didn’t get a chance to read on how Mr. Trayvon Martin was not on vacation as his parents stated, but rather on suspension for possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as a baggy containing marijuana residue. While, you may argue that his drug use or paraphernalia are irrelevant to the case. How, will you argue the fact that after he was caught with a burglary devise on school grounds, astonishingly 15 pieces of women’s jewelry where found in his possession.

      2. Cal

        There’s no evidence that Mr. Martin threw the first blow. No “I-Witnesses” saw such a thing. And given that Mr. Zimmerman has lied about everything else (for example he and his wife now face perjury charges for lying about their financial assets during the bail hearing) I see no reason to believe him about this.

  2. JAH

    The Brady Campaign and their lesser clones all are claiming that “Weak gun laws killed Trayvon Martin.” Excuse me?.WRONG answer.
    Talk about Discrimination and Race Baiting!
    What Killed Trayvon Martin was a Well Placed shot to his chest while On Top of, & Physically assaulting Mr. George Zimmerman.
    “Stand Your Ground” Laws had nothing to do with the Shooting.
    Self Defense against an Agressor causing Physical harm possibly leading to the Death of Mr. Zimmerman, is what led to 17 yr. old,6’1″,Trayvon Martins Death.

    1. Lou

      Think on this for a second. You live in a neighborhood and are a security watch for your community, your neighbors. Right outside the entrance of your neighborhood is a bad crime area. It is night time and there is a suspicious person lurking your neighborhood. The police have been notified and are an hour away. And you would do what?


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