SB Tactical FS1913 Side Folder


Have an ultra-compact PDW-style pistol like the SIG MPX Copperhead? If so, the SB Tactical FS1913
offers a compact yet capable accessory for this amazing firearm.

Do you have the perfect PDW-style pistol but want to make it an even more stable firing platform? Do you also want it to be as compact as possible? Then be sure to check out the new FS1913 Pistol Stabilizing Brace from SB Tactical.

Designed for pistols equipped with an M1913 interface at the rear of the receiver (such as the SIG MPX, MCX and Rattler, as well as the Rock River LAR-PDS, etc.), the FS1913 has a low-profile, left side-folding, strut design. The result is a rock-solid, yet extremely compact firing support for your favorite PDW-style pistol.

The new FS1913 Pistol Stabilizing Brace from SB Tactical gives you a rock-solid firing platform that adds
minimal bulk and attaches to standard M1913 interfaces such as on a SIG Rattler. Images courtesy of the manufacturer.

The unit is ready to install right out of the box and features a billet steel hinge that locks the brace in either the folded or extended position.

The FS1913 ships as a complete assembly, ready-to-install. It features an advanced billet steel hinge that firmly locks in both the folded and extended positions. The pull-through design provides quick deployment and solid lock-up when extended. The unit comes with an adjustable nylon strap for a custom fit.

Like all SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Braces, the FS1913 is BATFE compliant, U.S. veteran designed and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. MSRP is $249.99.

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