The Woman’s Defensive Handgun

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It’s Not For You — It’s For Her!

By E.J Owens


For most women, most of the time, the small revolver probably isn’t the answer (even if it’s sold with a pink grip!). What we should look to is the Modern Striker-Fired semi-auto pistol (MSF). They’re reliable, simple to operate and efficient. All characteristics a woman — or a man — needs for concealed carry.

There are three MSF guns I recommend (in this order): GLOCK, Smith & Wesson M&P Series and Springfield XD Series. All three require very little maintenance and are very reliable under adverse conditions.

Simplicity: These choices are easy to operate. They don’t have extra buttons and levers like de-cockers or external manual safeties. This means they are ready to shoot when you need them.

Five shots from a snubbie or a magazineful from an auto? Which might be best for her — or anyone?

Five shots from a snubbie or a magazineful from an auto? Which might be best for her — or anyone?

Efficiency: Each weapon in the list has a relatively short and moderate trigger pull, which allows the trigger to be pressed easily and quickly helping you make precision shots ending the gunfight swiftly.

Recoil Management: The barrel of the MSF gun tends to sit close to the top of the hand when held with a proper grip. This results in a milder recoil pushing directly into the hand and sends energy up the arm through the elbows and into the shoulders, ultimately allowing the whole body to absorb the recoil. Holding the barrel higher in the hand makes managing recoil a chore because the barrel tends to move the gun up and away from where it was fired. This is because the bicep contracts on recoil and then has to extend to get the gun back on target, often costing more time to regain a proper sight picture for followup shots.

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