The Ultimate Surplus Resource

If you're looking to research the history of surplus guns from WWI or add to your collection, the GUNS Magazine 20198 Surplus special edition Volume #83 is the perfect place to begin.

Content includes:

WORLD WAR I HANDGUNS — The U.S. Colt & S&W Model 1917.

THE ULTIMATE TRENCH WARRIOR — The Many Guises Of America’s M1903 Springfield Rifle During WWI.

THE WORLD WAR I-ERA: MAUSER GEWEHR 98 — Strong Arm Of The Empire

THE FRENCH BERTHIER — World War 1’s Unsung Hear Of The Trenches.

ROLLER-LOCKED RADICAL — The Czech Vs. 52 Pistol Was A True Revolutionary Of The Cold War Era.

COMBAT SMOOTHBORE SUPREME — John Moses Browning’s Revolutionary 1897 Trench Gun.

AN AUSSIE CONQUERS THE HOLY LAND — How The SMIL Won Un Unexpected Victory In World War 1.

There's plenty more in this 148 page Surplus special edition. Order your print copy or download the digital version now.