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Ready to take the offense and capture a bigger segment of the firearms market? Then now is the time
to join up with FMG Special Editions. This is a cost-effective way to promote your firearms product or
service to tens of thousands of shooters all year long.

• Over 70,000 copies distributed
• Walmart store distribution
• National newsstand distribution
• $12.95 cover price equals long-term retention
• Publisher direct sales continue for year
• BONUS sales through Amazon of print & digital versions

Advertising Sales Manager – Special Editions:
Delano Amaguin
Phone: 888-732-6461
Fax: 858-605-0208

Advertising Sales Director:
Anita Carson
Phone: (866) 972-4545
Fax: (858) 605-0211

American Handgunner
Personal Defense Special Edition

• Home Defense
• Less-Lethal Options
• Open Range Showcase
Ad Space Deadline: 2-14-17
Materials Due: 2-17-17
On Sale: 4-11-17

American Handgunner
Concealed Carry Special Edition

• Carry Options
• Handgun Accessories
• Open Range Showcase

Ad Space Deadline: 4-18-17
Materials Due: 4-21-17
On Sale: 6-13-17

American Handgunner
Personal Defense/Survive Special Edition

• Emergency Gear
• Preparations For Disasters
• Open Range Showcase

> Ad Space Deadline: 6-12-17
> Materials Due: 6-15-17
> On Sale: 8-8-17

GUNS Magazine
Surplus/Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition

• Military, Modern Replica Firearms
• Gun Care/Storage Options

Ad Space Deadline: 8-14-17
Materials Due: 8-17-17
On Sale: 10-10-17

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