Managing The Drive

“A good manager should make it his business to know throughout the day who is and who is not getting a fair or an excessive share of the shooting, and should adjust the balance as nearly as he can ... A man must keep his eyes open as much as possible in all directions when shooting is going on. There is no small danger of pheasants falling upon the heads of those who do not keep a good look-out.”

Sportsmen kept meticulous notes on how many shots they fired, the game taken and the ratio of hits to misses. The amount of game taken by individuals and groups was enormous

“The largest bag of grouse ever made in a day by one shooter was on the Blubberhouse Moor in 1872, when, on August 27, Lord Walsingham killed 842 birds.

“The late Lord Malmesbury kept a journal of his sporting life, even to the quantity of powder and shot he used, the game he killed each day, the time he was out, the distance he walked and the weather.

“From 1798 to 1840, the total figures were: Shots: 54,987; Killed: 38,221; Missed: 16,766; Days out: 3,645.”

Lord Malmesbury walked “a distance of 36,200 miles” and fired away “750 pounds; 4 tons of shot.”