FLEX Afield

I’m impressed with the concept and the quality of its execution. At the invitation of Mossberg’s Linda Powell, I had an opportunity to work with the FLEX systems while hunting turkeys and wild boar with Mellon Creek Outfitters on a ranch near Corpus Christi, Texas. I might add the Mellon Creek guides proved to be exceptionally talented in calling in trophy toms and locating the wily wild boar.

For turkeys, I chose Mossberg’s FLEX 500 Hunting model with a 24" ported barrel tubed with a tight .670" Accu-Choke and mounted with fiber optic sights and an LPA trigger. The metal was finished in very pleasing OD green while the stocks were cloaked in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage. My turkey load was Hornady’s brand new 3" Heavy Magnum Turkey shell packed with 1-1/2" ounces of nickel-plated No. 5 shot at 1,300 fps. At 35 yards, the new shell really hammered the patterning target, and it went on to hammer three early morning toms before the hunt was over.