Barrel Geometry

The most innovative element in the DT11 is to be found in the internal geometry of the barrels. Made from a proprietary alloy called Steelium, Beretta barrels are deep drilled, hammer forged and then stress relieved. Back-boring barrels has been hot stuff for over a decade. There’s no question, back boring has improved patterns and reduced recoil. What Beretta has done in the DT11 barrel is to taper the complete bore from a very short forcing cone forward to their Optimachoke tube. Specifically, the bore diameter begins at .767" and gradually tapers to .725". Beretta calls this the “Optima Bore” and the complete barrels, “SteeliumPro.” According to Beretta, the benefits are smoother recoil, reduced muzzle flip (faster recovery for the second shot) and improved patterns (less shot deformation).

Personally, after shooting 200 sporting clays at Dover Furnace with the DT11 Sporting model fed a mixture of Fiocchi 1- and 1-1/8-ounce loads, I can vouch for their reduced recoil and fast recovery claims but would have to hit the patterning board to prove the third. Time in competition will really give us more insight into whether or not Beretta has come up with a truly superior barrel design in their DT11.