Remington 870 DM

Legendary Pumpgun Takes Another Evolutionary Leap

We’ll get this right up front: The image of a pump shotgun with a detachable magazine will take some getting used to for old guys like me, but Remington’s newest incarnation of the legendary Model 870 is getting rave reviews, especially from younger generation shooters who are used to guns with such appendages.

Grandpa had a pumpgun, and my kid has an 870 Special Field model with the straight grip. I’ve got a 12-gauge pump sitting in the corner inside the front closet, loaded with 00 Buck, and during my career I’ve had the chance to use enough Remington 870s to know they’re built around a proven action that has seen countless duck and deer blinds, goose pits, police cars and even front line combat engagements.

All these guns had one thing in common: tubular magazines. So, when I saw the Model 870DM (DM stands for Detachable Magazine), I suspect the double take snapped one of my vertebrae. First thought: What were these guys thinking?

Evidently, they were thinking over the horizon, because the reception for this new smoothbore has been phenomenal. That claim can be borne out by the number of videos showing up on social media featuring people running round after round through the proven slide action.

Most of the publicity so far has concentrated on the “tactical” applications of a mag-fed shotgun, but my guess is the new platform will appeal to predator and hog hunters, people who live in bear country, someone in need of a good home-defense tool and even competitors.

Indeed, there are model variations including one with a hardwood stock and forend, another with a ShurShot stock and tactical forend that wears Kryptek Highlander camouflage called the Predator, the Magpul model with — you guessed it — a Magpul SGA stock and Magpul forend. I guess what might be called the “basic” model has a black synthetic stock and forend.

Remington engineers designed the receiver with a magazine well that allows for quick mag changes. Magazines are built for three or six rounds, and they’re rugged.

Barrel length on all models is 18.5 inches, and depending upon the model, it may be fitted with TruLock chokes or come with a cylinder bore. The Predator has extended XFull predator/turkey and XFull hog chokes, Ghost Ring sights and a tactical rail for an optical sight.

The Magpul model has a tactical Rem CHOKE with a breaching tool muzzle, Ghost Ring sights and tactical rail.

Remington’s Hardwood model is a sort of “plain Jane” model with a bead front sight, and the hardwood stock has a SuperCell recoil pad. Like the other models, the Hardwood is chambered for 3-inch magnums.

This shotgun has an MSRP starting price of $529.00, with other models going as high as $799.00.

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