Handling & Shooting

The Setter comes with five Beretta/Benelli mobile-style choke tubes in S, IC, M, IM and F. I installed the IC and M tubes and handed the Setter to the distaff side of the family, along with a box of Remington Nitro Sporting Clays load with (3/4 ounce of No. 7-1/2). That was a mistake. She smoked ’em. When it was my turn, she and the range master then tried to “dis” me with some surprise doubles. Mistake! The Setter loves doubles.

I patterned the Setter at 30 yards using the IC tube and the Remington Sporting Clays load. I’m a firm believer in patterning your gun at the ranges at which you’ll actually be shooting. My quail and dove shooting takes place within a 35-yard circle, with many shots within 20 yards or less. The “X” birds received 3 or more shot pellets. That’s a kill. The Setter’s pattern was well distributed with just one patch to the immediate right of center.

Backed by a 5-year warranty and a price of $565, TriStar’s complete Setter S/T line of O/U’s has a lot to offer. But the 28 is something special.