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It’s A Horn-A-Plenty For Scattergunners

Here’s a new company with a couple of unique ideas for coloring shot and making it a marker for who shot what. The impetus for developing colored shot for waterfowling started with a situation that arose among a group of hunters shooting out of the same blind. As the birds came into the decoys, everyone opened fire. After the smoke had cleared, the ducks were retrieved, and one was found to be wearing a band.

Now if you’ve ever hung out with a group of serious waterfowlers, you know duck bands are considered the most precious prizes of the hunt. Strung along a duck call lanyard, they’re worn as ersatz jewelry and symbolize the years a hunter has spent on the water as well as his prowess with a scattergun and decoy spreads. And so an argument ensured among the group as to who had downed the banded duck; of course, everyone present claimed they had.

Spectra Shot—CSI In Box

Spectra Shot’s solution to such problems is to offer the waterfowling public colored shot—four colors of colored shot to be exact—yellow, orange, blue and green. If there were more than four hunters in a blind, I guess you could add nickel-plated shot, copper-plated shot and plain steel shot as additional markers.

In any case, through the use of colored shot and a little bit of plucking, the winner of the band could be promptly determined. In the unlikely case more than one color of shot was uncovered, I suppose the hunters could draw straws or play dibs.
Every manufacturer of shot and shotshells has at one time or another tried to develop colored shot. In the past, the results were either toxic, too expensive or more likely, the colored coating would simply flake off the shot. What Spectra Shot has done is to develop a non-toxic coating and a process that insures the color adheres to the shot. In the ammunition world, that’s quite an accomplishment.

As we go to press, Spectra Shot is moving through the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s testing protocol for non-toxic shot and should be available for the 2012 waterfowl season. Initially, colored Spectra Shot will be loaded as 1-1/4 ounces of No. 2 steel shot in 3″, 12-gauge hulls with a muzzle velocity of 1,400 fps and competitively priced.

Another product under development by Spectra Shot is skeet size shot that becomes luminescent when shot in the presence of ultraviolet light. Stay tuned.
Story by: Holt Bodinson

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