Shooter’s Bash 2011

A Tactical Match At Rifles Only.

Caught between cold fronts and rain, the 2-day match at Rifles Only dawned a bit chilly but presented the shooters with beautiful skies and relatively mild winds as many of the world’s premier shooters fought it out in fast-paced rifle and pistol events.

Over the many years Rifles Only has held these matches, they have continued to become more difficult. I remember years ago, when any score hovering around 50 percent made it into the top 10. Now one better be well above 60 percent to be in the money. Sounds like it has become easier? Not so. The shooters and their equipment have become much better!

Well over $70,000 in manufacturer’s donated prizes lay on the table at the end of the match. Expensive rifles, scopes, ammo, and myriad other goodies were handed out to every competitor on the line. More than 60 donors contributed.

Shooters from all over the country, and sometimes from other countries, including some of the best in the business come to test their skills. This year seven active-duty Rangers competed. Many others were vets from various military organizations, police officers, and civilians. And the gear most of them brought would buy a good car.

The ground after each event was littered with cases of several sizes from .300 Winchester Magnum to 6mm Creedmoor and smaller. Top quality tactical scopes of every brand on the market lay atop expensive custom rifles. Dope was displayed on the inside of Butler Creek lens covers, on the side of stocks, in handheld computers of various makes, and on little pieces of paper. Shooters constantly monitored the wind with Kestrels and carried their squeeze bags around like Linus’ blanket.
By Jacob Gottfredson

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