The Siblings

The smallest version features a stubby 3.8" barrel and is intended for high-threat concealed carry. Next in the lineup is the service pistol with a 4.5" tube. This gun would be at home hanging from a cop’s duty belt, living in your nightstand or riding in the center console of your minivan. Amazingly, both of these handguns come with three standard-capacity 20-round magazines.

The third pistol is the XD-M Elite Precision sporting a 5.25" barrel and elongated slide with a generous lightening cut up top. The rear sight on the Precision model is readily adjustable for both windage and elevation. The top-tier version is the XD-M Elite OSP. This gun features a 5.28" extended/threaded barrel and suppressor-height sights. The Precision and OSP variants carry an astounding 22 rounds in their magazines.
The Apex Pred