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Big Bore Belly Guns Part III

[…] loads or handloads using the Speer 200-grain Gold Dot JHP. Taurus also offers or has offered several versions of BBBGs […]


[…] On the other end of the price spectrum, I’ve seen Taurus revolvers turn in good SSR scores. SSR demands a […]

The Hunting Handgun

[…] many different barrel lengths with plenty of other desirable options. Taurus offers their Raging Bull series chambered in .44 Mag. […]

Freedom Arms Model 1997

[…] & Wesson’s Mountain Gun and the light weight Tracker from Taurus. Now a whole new chapter on the .45 Colt […]

Classic Covers: Revolvers

[…] the past year, we’ve featured the Ruger SP101 (May 2019), Taurus Raging Hunter (Dec. 2019) and Colt Python (June 2020) […]

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