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Old Stuff

[…] more positively by the self-loading pistol of 1911, or a Glock or something. Maybe carry a second Single Action Army. […]

3-Gun Part 1

[…] 3-Gun competition. Companies such as FNH USA, Smith & Wesson, Glock and STI and numerous others all make guns for […]

Trijicon SRO

[…] and on the page are a variety of pistols, from GLOCK to the legendary M1911 platform with an SRO on […]

Downsizing Defense

[…] and 9mm (with 127-grain +P+) the rest, usually in double-stack Glocks or a 20-shot Springfield Armory XD(M). In jurisdictions with […]


[…] with partners Smith & Wesson, NSSF, SIG SAUER, Crimson Trace, GLOCK, Hornady, Leupold, Mossberg, Ruger, Savage, SureFire, Taurus, Vista Outdoors/Federal, […]

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